Sick Customer Throws Up In Kroger, Employees Still Treat Her Like A Human Being

Reader Bugpaste is not feeling well. She’s been hit with a vicious stomach bug. While picking up some medicine and supplies at Kroger yesterday, the worst happened: she threw up in the dairy aisle, a situation that could have been a lot worse if employees and fellow customers had been rude. But they weren’t at all. They cleaned up after her, and were genuinely concerned for her well-being. She was so impressed with the kindness she encountered that she took some time out from her recovery to write to the general manager.

I wanted to share a story of some extraordinary customer service I experienced earlier today. The following is a letter I wrote to the general manager of the Kroger in question:

Dear Sir:

Earlier tonight I was picking up a few items at your store on [redacted] Street and experienced some truly exemplary customer service. I wanted to share my story and thank the employees who helped me. Unfortunately I did not get their names.

This morning I developed a bad stomach flu and after my doctor’s appointment I went to your store to get a prescription and some sick day supplies. While I was hunting down the Gatorade, I became acutely ill and vomited near the dairy section. Immediately three customers and an employee asked me if I was ok, and the employee went to get help. Within minutes two other employees showed up to clean up after me. I tried to help but your employees told me I didn’t have to, and were very kind about it.

A few minutes later, I was paying for my prescription when I suddenly felt the urge again. I left my wallet and purse on the counter and ran to the restroom. When I came back, everything was still there and the pharmacist told me her own stories about getting sick in public. She also gave me several extra plastic bags for the drive home, “just in case.”

Your employees’ humanity and kindness made a humiliating situation much easier to bear, and I can’t thank them enough.

With deepest gratitude,


Let’s toast these great employees with Gatorade and crackers. And feel better, Bugpaste!

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