Fry’s Matches Online Retailer Prices! With A Great Big Catch.

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The good news: Fry’s Electronics will match just about any valid price that you bring in, even if it’s from an online source. Cool! The bad news is that when calculating that price match, they include shipping. Even for Amazon Prime customers like reader Sean, who tried to get Fry’s to price-match a Blu-Ray. So, y’know, just go ahead and order that gadget online like you were going to in the first place.

Sean explains:

Went to Fry’s Electronics tonight and saw a huge banner on the front saying it now matches internet prices, with an asterisk that simply says “see store for details.” Decided to see what the conditions were by trying to purchase Gettysburg on Blu-ray Disc. Amazon sells the SKU for $20.49, which Fry’s charges $8.50 more.

I was told at the register that the price would be matched, but I needed to first go to the associate in the DVD department. That rep then sent me to customer service. The manager there explained that Fry’s will “match” Amazon’s price after levying a shipping charge. I explained that I have Amazon Prime and do not pay for shipping. He first explained that the DVD is not eligible for Amazon Prime, which I refused by placing a mock order from the Amazon app on my phone. Then he explained that Amazon Prime is not honored, because the service is not a part of Amazon, rather a third-party service done on behalf of Amazon. (This is also false.)

So basically, Fry’s doesn’t match online pricing ever. And the banner is merely a sales ploy.

(Psst, Sean: it’s not all that polite to whip out your Amazon price-matching, price-spying app for the employees of the brick-and-mortar store you’re using as an Amazon showroom.)

Here’s what the relevant part of that price-matching policy says:

“We Will Match Any Competitive Price*.”
Before making a purchase from a Fry’s Electronics store, if you see a lower current price at a local authorized competitor in-stock, or from an authorized Internet competitor ready to ship, Fry’s will be happy to match the competition’s delivered price.


See how that works? Amazon’s delivered price. So what happens when you try to buy something that costs $25 or more, qualifying for free shipping from Amazon?

“We Will Match Any Competitive Price*.” [Fry’s Electronics]

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