Sears Might Repair Your Fridge, Isn’t Really Sure

For generations of Americans, Sears has simply been where you go when it’s time to outfit your new home. (At one point, you could even order your house itself out of the Sears, Roebuck catalog.) They, and their Kenmore appliances, were trustworthy, reliable, and quintessentially American. Now? Is Sears any of those things?

Waiting for the second repair on her two-year-old fridge, Joyce was surprised to learn that her Kenmore is just an LG with a badge slapped on it. Oh, and no one knows when the new compressor is coming, or whether it’s actually been ordered at all.

Like so many, I grew up with Sears and most everything in the house came from Sears. We bought all new KENMORE appliances in 2010. The frig needed repair in July 2011 because the freezer line clogged and then melted and clogged.

Feb 1, 2012 called Sears because the frig part wasn’t cold enough and everything was spoiling. The soonest they could come was Feb 6th. Feb 4th called for emergency service as the frig wasn’t working at all. HA – Feb 6th the service rep came and had to order a new compressor.

It was to be sent yesterday and delivered today. Nobody can tell us where it is or even if it was sent. Sears customer service put us on hold for 30 minutes – twice but I think they just push the hold button and leave it. Still no frig.

Sad thing is our son returned home from Afghanistan and we were having a party Saturday (Feb 4) and my husband’s birthday was Feb 5. I really wanted to make both occasions special but pretty hard to do this without a refrigerator. Still no sign of when this will get resolved.

One interesting bit of information that the service rep told me – there are no such thing as “KENMORE”. It’s different manufacturers (maytag/GE/LG) with a name “Kenmore” slapped on it. I really have an LG frig.

If I had known that, I probably wouldn’t have bought “Kenmore” and gone right to the brand directly.

The Sears Executive response team is full of nice people who can at least pretend to help, and often are actually helpful. They might know the current location of your fridge. You can reach them at or through Twitter at @SearsCares.