No One Is Allowed To Love Meat On Their Pizza Unless It's From Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut doesn’t want you meat lovers to be loving up on any meat on any pizzas that aren’t produced by them. To that end, they’re threatening a small pizza shop with legal action for using the term “meat lovers.”

DC’s Pizza and Subs in Elkhart, Ind. is getting sassed around by Pizza Hut, as the food chain giants claim they’ve trademarked “meat lovers,” reports local ABC 57 News.

The owner of the shop says he’s just being bullied by corporate bigwigs trying to keep the mom and pop shops down.

“They are strong arming me. If I don’t change my menu within the allotted time, then they are going to seek whatever legal recourse they feel necessary, based on the name ‘meat lovers pizza’,” said the owner, Darren.

The letter threatening legal action says DC’s has 60 days to comply and stop telling people who love meat that they can get that on their pizza. Perhaps an alternate name like, “Tons O’Meat,” “Meatapalooza” or “Get Your Meat On.” Just a few suggestions, should the need arise.

*Thanks to Josh for the tip!

Elkhart pizza joint threatened with legal action from Pizza Hut [ABC 57]

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