Judge Says Bank Of America Can Boot The $16 House Guy From McMansion

UPDATE 4:40 p.m.: Kenneth says he’s going to leave his $16 house without a fight, telling the Dallas Observer’s “Unfair Park” blog: “If they are the true owners, then you’re supposed to give it up anyway.”

Kenneth also told the Dallas Observer today that he remains positive about the whole experience.

“I’m just thankful for Flower Mound and Denton County for following the proper lawful procedures,” he said. “I went in doing this strictly by following a lawful process.” And now that the process has played itself out, he says, “I’m neither happy nor disappointed.”


Anyone who was rooting for the man who used Texas’ adverse possession law to snag a McMansion for only $16 will be bummed to hear that he’ll be forced to leave the home after Bank of America claimed ownership of it. Drat!

Kenneth made waves in Flower Mound, Texas in July when he claimed the right to take over a $340,000 home in suburban Dallas, after filing a simple document and paying $16 to the city. He cited a law which said he could legally take possession of the house after living there for three years. His neighbors grumbled while he watered the lawn and paid utility bills, and now a judge says he has to move by Valentine’s Day.

The Associated Press says Bank of America can boot Kenneth, as they hold the lien on the house. Foreclosure was completed last month, says BOA, and now it’s time for Kenneth to vacate the premises.

Kenneth told the Dallas Observer last week that he had simply engaged in a transaction, and that “it’s not over till it’s over.” Which, apparently, it now is.

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