How To Make Mustard Stains Vanish

There must be some special property about white shirts that makes them attract mustard from hot dogs munched on lunch breaks. In order to avoid having to get rid of a stained shirt, you need to do your best to eliminate the damage.

Housekeeping Here recommends starting by scraping away as much of the mustard as you can while the stain is still fresh. Next, spray the area with alcohol and scrub it with a brush before throwing it in the wash. You can also treat the stain with ammonia and vinegar.

Since none of these tips will help you when you’re on the go, consider keeping an extra pair of clothes in your vehicle — or even at your desk at work — in case you ever suffer an embarrassing spill and need to change in order to save face.

Mustard Stain Removal – Tips To Remove A Mustard Stain [Housekeeping Here]

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