Police Seek Bald Suspect In CVS Rogaine Theft

Two men walk into a pharmacy, one is bald and the other is not. They’re caught on surveillance cameras boosting some merchandise — and it seems the goods they lifted are a matter of manly pride. Cops are searching for what we’re dubbing the Long Island Rogaine Thieves.

NBC New York says the twosome entered a CVS on Long Island on Dec. 17. They scooped up three boxes of Rogaine, a hair loss product for men (we know you’ve seen the commercials) and placed them into a gift bag. Then they simply sauntered out with their loot, without stopping to pay at the register. That move is called “shoplifting.”

While police are definitely stressing the bald man thing in their search for the thieves and showing his picture in news bulletins, it’s probably more likely the non-bald man will get some benefit out of the Rogaine.

You see, we read up a bit on Rogaine, and it doesn’t appear that the topical treatment offers to “cure” baldness, just stimulate hair growth and slow the balding process. So for our bald pal, that whole shoplifting thing might’ve been a waste.

Cops say the pilfered Rogaine is worth about $150, and are offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest.

Bald Man Wanted for Stealing Rogaine from Long Island Pharmacy [NBC New York]

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