At Lids, Clearance Hats That Aren't On Clearance

Patrick bought three hats from online hattery Lids, but they didn’t fit. No problem-that’s what return policies are for! He contacted the company about returning the hats, and learned that he wouldn’t be allowed to because they were on clearance. Which is interesting, because Patrick saw no indication on the site that these hats were on clearance.

Just past Christmas I ordered two hats from that were not on sale. I did not want to deal with stores throughout the holiday and figured if I ordered online I could have it shipped just after January. I wear 3 hats that are all the same size, Medium-Large fitted – so I ordered two hats off that were that size and received them a week later. I sent an email and called to try to return the hats as neither fit me, I had my bill and the printed recipt. Basically this is what I was told:

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your order inquiry. All sales are final on clearance items. No refunds, merchandise credits or exchanges will be given by or by any of our retail stores. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Center at 1-888-564-HATS (4287). We can also be contacted via e-mail at Again, we thank you for being a loyal Lids customer.

Thank you,

Interesting as both were $24.95 a piece and neither were marked clearance or had any notion on their website as being clearance.

I tried to call and received the same response, both were bought on “clearance” according to my receipt, however my receipt does not say either hats were on clearance or the website. Both are still the same price today 2/2/2012 as it was on December 27th when they were purchased.

Maybe someone was having a bad day I don’t know, but I am just glad I only wasted $50 on lids and not far more as I wanted to spend.

I will never buy from them or any of their outfits.

Try sending a nice snail-mail letter to the owners of Lids, or calling back a few times until you get someone who isn’t having a bad day. That’s a lot of money to spend on hats that don’t fit.

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