Bank Of America Takes Back My Claim Money Because My Account Was Compromised Twice

Mahdi went through the upsetting ordeal of having her Bank of America checking account compromised, which was bad enough until of course, BOA found a way to make the whole thing even worse. Shocker.

She writes that in December last year, she noticed her account had charges totaling $1,168 at places like a gas station in Ohio, far from her home in Dallas. She then went through her statements with a banker and found an additional number of small charges adding up to $219. Reps at the bank said someone likely made a duplicate of her card or stole the info from a gas pump.

She called Bank of America from her branch to file a fraud claim, and was sent claim forms to be mailed in to the department. The next day, her total of $1,387 was refunded to her account. Great! But then not so much.

A month later, I look in my online account and I see they reversed $1,168 from my payment. I immediately called to find out what happened and explained to the agent that I had sent the paperwork. The Bank of America employee tells me since I filed two claims, one for $1,168 and one for $219, that under legislation I can’t file a claim within 60 days of each other.

I then ask the Bank of America rep let me speak to a manager. The manager tells me the same thing. At this point I am frustrated and angry that a bank that I do business with allows their customers to get robbed. I ask to speak to someone higher to get this resolved or I will be going to my local news and alerting the public via The Consumerist. The manager comes back and tells me that his manager is in a meeting and will call me back.

Of course, when it comes to taking back one of the claim payments, BOA went for the bigger one. Mahdi adds that she thinks no one should go through that kind of robbery and then deal with “smug bank employees,” and that she opened an account at her local credit union in preparation of closing her BOA account. It’s been three days, and still no call back from BOA.

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