Starbucks Hikes Prices By About 1 Percent In Certain Parts Of U.S.

If you live in the Northeast or the Sunbelt, expect to be doling out just a little bit more for your Starbucks double-shot-no-whip-extra-foam-vanilla latte, as the company is raising prices in those areas by about 1 percent.

It won’t just be caffeine junkies in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas and Albuquerque feeling the uptick, as Chipotle Mexican Grill, McDonald’s and other operators are compensating for high prices of coffee, milk and fuel, reports the New York Post.

Starbucks already raised prices on certain drinks in California and Florida last year, so those locations will not be affected by this most recent hike.

Since everyone is already seemingly used to paying too much for drinks at Starbucks, the theory posited by the article goes, the company likely won’t be met with too much of an uproar. To keep as many customers happy as possible at one time, they usually institute market-by-market price increases instead of instituting changes across the board.

Starbucks raising prices [New York Post]

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