Finally, You Can Get A Multi-Subscription Discount If You Have Both Sirius And XM

Satellite radio wonder-twins Sirius and XM have been together for three years now. Customers often whine to us: why can’t we get multi-subscription discounts when they subscribe to both Sirius and XM. It’s all the same company, isn’t it? Offering discounts would have made too much sense, and was therefore impossible. Until now!

Charles over at Sirius Buzz discovered this exciting new possibility. It’s even in their online support center now. The number to call if you’re in a cross-platform relationship is 866-635-2349.

Yes, you have to call and ask for the discount. As one site commenter observed, if the company knows which customers have multiple accounts, why do you have to call in for the discount?

When calling the automated system knew that i had 1 XM and 2 SIRI. Now if the automated system knew that, why then would i have to call to get the discount? Why not just give me the discount?

How else are they going to keep track of who their smartest customers are?

Finally: Sirius XM Offers Cross Platform Multi-subscription Discounts [Sirius Buzz]

Maybe XM And Sirius Should Try Acting A Little More Like A Monopoly

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