Maybe XM And Sirius Should Try Acting A Little More Like A Monopoly

Paul reports that there’s good news and bad news as far as the merger of XM and Sirius satellite radio goes. The two companies have not decided to band together and operate as one scary monopolistic entity. The bad news is that the companies seem to be cooperating to confuse customers and turn them off of the idea of satellite radio entirely.

I was a Sirius radio customer and bought a new Toyota Prius that has the satellite radio package. I called Sirius to add the Prius to my subscription bit was told I could not do that. I needed a separate XM radio subscription and needed to pay the full rate for the service. This was kind of odd since it took the FCC over 18 months to decide if the two companies could merge. Once concern was a monopoly and the rates.

I called XM to get the service and add the “Best of Sirius” package and told the person about the email I had received about a six month discount (see email below). When I told the customer service person that I wanted the “Best of Sirius” I was sent to a different customer service person in the USA. I went through the same pitch and I was told I could not have the special discount in the email if I wanted the “Best of Sirius” as well.

Total cost was $202.00 for one radio and one year plan.

I asked why I could not start XM and call back and add the $4.95 charge for “Best of Sirius” onto the plan and the girl said that the computer would not allow the discount and they allow me to add the extra service.

Sirius radio for all of Sirius is $165.00 and I could pay extra for the “Best of XM” service.

Here’s the e-mail that Paul received:

Dear PAUL,

Now that you’ve been driving without XM Satellite Radio, does your drive seem emptier? Does the commute feel longer? Do the alternatives like standard AM/FM radio seem a bit too predictable and cluttered with commercials? Clearly, you deserve better.

Right now you can reactivate your XM Everything service with more than 170 channels and bring your drive back to life. And you can do it for less. Sign up today for only $4.99*† a month for 6 months — that’s a 61% savings off our normal monthly rate. And we’ll also waive the $14.99 reactivation fee.

Just click here to subscribe online or call 1-800-643-6029 to speak with an XM Listener Care representative. To make your subscription process simpler, keep your Radio ID [redacted] handy when you call. No complicated steps.

So sign up today to hear exclusives like an original music show featuring Bob Dylan, Oprah Radio™, and Major League Baseball® play-by-play for every team.

But act now — this 61% savings is only available for a short time!

-Your friends at XM Satellite Radio

Yep. No complicated steps, unless you’re interested in subscribing to content from their sister company as well. Makes perfect sense.

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