Tips For Working While You're Sick

When you show up to work sick, your colleagues probably see you less as an iron man than an inconsiderate outbreak monkey. But it’s not always realistic to call in sick whenever you’ve got the sniffles, so you’ll often find yourself plugging through the work day at less than full strength.

Mind Your Decisions offers advice for getting through a work day when you’re feeling bad. Here are some of the tips:

* Reschedule meetings. You’ll make a poor impression and gross people out, so it’s best to keep to yourself as much as possible. The same is true about phone calls, to a lesser extent. Knock out solo tasks and regroup for another day.

* Work a shorter day. If telecommuting is an option, ask if you can work from home. If you’ve got to come into the office, beg off after your crucial tasks are done. An understanding boss might even give you credit for a full workday.

* Fuel up with healthy stuff. Chicken soup might perk you up, and a light soda and crackers can calm an upset stomach. Fruits as snacks can also make you feel better. Avoid junk food and rich treats that could bog you down.

7 tips for working while sick [Mind Your Decisions]

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