Have You Tried Swapping Your Wireless Plan With Someone Else? We Want To Hear From You

We’re constantly being asked for advice on how people can get out of cell phone contracts early without being knocked upside the noggin with a brass-knuckled early termination fee.

Unfortunately, there are not many ways around that ETF, so a growing number of web sites have popped up offering to match disgruntled in-contract users who want out of their contracts with people looking to switch providers without having to lock in to a full two-year contract.

None of us have tried these services — like TradeMyCellular, CellTradeUSA, or CellSwapper to name a few — but we figured at least a few of you out there might have given it a chance.

If so, and you wouldn’t mind answering a couple of questions via e-mail, shoot us a message at tips@consumerist.com with “CELL TRADE” in the subject line.

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