I Stuck With Netflix Through Thick And Thin And All I Got Was This Broken Game Disc

It was Wayne’s fault for accidentally sending Netflix his WWE’12 instead of returning The Magnificent Seven, that much he knows. But he had some hope things would be resolved pleasantly when he called the same day he sent it out, and was assured they’d return it to him.

Wayne says he’s stuck by Netflix in tough times, during price increases and Qwikster debacles, and so he thought perhaps he’d be treated like a valued customer. Think again, sir.

They sent it back in an unmarked manila envelope with 20 cents postage due on it. Even better, since they didn’t mark it, it was broken in transit. All that was on the envelope was a sticker label that had clearly been ripped with my wife’s name on it.

Upon calling Netflix, I’m told there is nothing than can do. Since the disc was my property, they refuse to do anything to reimburse my loss. Even better, the representative I spoke to said, “I hope someone is nice enough to buy you the game as a gift.”

I was beyond frustrated. I wasn’t offered anything in the situation.

I called a second time in the hopes of speaking to a supervisor. I was told that the supervisor would have told me the same thing in that Netflix was not responsible for a customer’s personal property. Even after explaining that I suspended my account, I was told there was nothing that could be done.

Wayne’s view is that even though his own property is his responsibility, Netflix should throw him a bone for his loyalty.

“Essentially, Netflix has decided that I’m not worthy of being a customer even though we stuck with the company after all of the service and billing changes.”


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