I Stuck With Netflix Through Thick And Thin And All I Got Was This Broken Game Disc

It was Wayne’s fault for accidentally sending Netflix his WWE’12 instead of returning The Magnificent Seven, that much he knows. But he had some hope things would be resolved pleasantly when he called the same day he sent it out, and was assured they’d return it to him.

Wayne says he’s stuck by Netflix in tough times, during price increases and Qwikster debacles, and so he thought perhaps he’d be treated like a valued customer. Think again, sir.

They sent it back in an unmarked manila envelope with 20 cents postage due on it. Even better, since they didn’t mark it, it was broken in transit. All that was on the envelope was a sticker label that had clearly been ripped with my wife’s name on it.

Upon calling Netflix, I’m told there is nothing than can do. Since the disc was my property, they refuse to do anything to reimburse my loss. Even better, the representative I spoke to said, “I hope someone is nice enough to buy you the game as a gift.”

I was beyond frustrated. I wasn’t offered anything in the situation.

I called a second time in the hopes of speaking to a supervisor. I was told that the supervisor would have told me the same thing in that Netflix was not responsible for a customer’s personal property. Even after explaining that I suspended my account, I was told there was nothing that could be done.

Wayne’s view is that even though his own property is his responsibility, Netflix should throw him a bone for his loyalty.

“Essentially, Netflix has decided that I’m not worthy of being a customer even though we stuck with the company after all of the service and billing changes.”



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  1. Mike says:

    Good Guy Greg would have offered him a free month of Netflix, but let’s be honest, Netflix is not run by Good Guy Greg.

  2. Brontide says:

    Contact THQ to see if they have a media replacement program.

  3. MMD says:

    The detail that hangs me up here is: why would Netflix use any other kind of envelope to mail the game back? They have their own specially designed DVD mailers that seem to do the trick just fine?

    • GrandizerGo says:

      Probably because they get a discount on shipping their own discs through the postal service and those envelopes are key to it.
      Since they don’t own that disc, shipping it in their envelopes at the reduced rate is fraud.

      And that is pretty much confirmed by the fact they asked for postage on the return.

      • jason1111 says:

        Why would it be fraud? Why would the post office care whose disc it was they were mailing in the discount disc mailing envelopes that netflix pays for?

  4. patrick bateman says:

    Netflix did the customer a favor by breaking that disc.

  5. ajaxd says:

    I heard that the red Netflix envelopes get special treatment by USPS. This is an example of what happens when you send a disk and it goes through regular mail sorter. GameFly had similar problems early on.

    OP needs to contact game manufacturer for replacement.

    • MrEvil says:

      Netflix envelopes I think go to the Post Office pre-sorted so there is very little processing required by the USPS once they get them.

    • SteveZim1017 says:

      my post office has a bin labeled Netflix with a code of some sort directly behind the postal counter that the workers toss them all into.

      they also have one for blockbuster, which must be rather empty the past few months.

  6. Sneeje says:

    I would love for everyone I meet to look out for my well-being. The thing is, good-deeds are optional and it is kind of dickish to demand them.

    I’m surprised they didn’t react the way he wanted–I always do nice, optional things for people that threaten me.

    • OutPastPluto says:

      This is a disc delivery company.

      This is what they do.

      This is what they specialize in.

      They had to make a special effort in order to screw this up.

      • rob3912811 thinks this site is full of retards and assclowns with cats for friends. says:

        They specialize in delivering their own discs. Why, exactly, should they try hard to find and deliver someone else’s? I sure hope they billed Wayne for their time wasted with this frivolity.

        • Mighty914 says:

          I’m willing to bet he would have been happy to pay a little postage as opposed to $60 for a new game.

          • Applekid ‚îÄ‚îÄ‚î¨ Ôªø„Éé( „Çú-„Çú„Éé) says:

            Legally, they didn’t have to do either. This was a clear example to show, as a company, you care about your customers, even if deep down you really don’t. How much money have they made off of him over the years? They can’t spend the $1, if even that, to take a reasonable precaution?

            I wonder if they even asked him how much he’d be willing to pay for its return.

        • regis-s says:

          It would probably take just as much time and effort to do it properly as opposed to doing a half assed job.

          There’s a reason they use those cardboard sleeves instead of paper envelopes to mail their own discs. I’m not sure what’s so magical about them they couldn’t have used one of those.

          I’m not saying they’re obligated to return buddy’s game disc to him. If they are going to they should at least make an effort to do it properly.

          • rob3912811 thinks this site is full of retards and assclowns with cats for friends. says:

            …but they don’t use cardboard sleeves. They use paper sleeves and paper envelopes. Nice try, though.

      • Coles_Law says:

        The game disc is a blu-ray. Those are more brittle than DVD’s-I think Netflix has issues even with their own Blu-ray discs.

        • Bix says:

          Still, they package them the same way. They should’ve sent him the game in a regular red Netflix envelope so it would be handled properly.

  7. crashfrog says:

    Come on, really? You sent Netflix one of your own video games? And they opted not to replace the damage (that they weren’t responsible for) to an item that they don’t stock or sell? I’m amazed at the entitlement that allows you to believe that Netflix has a business responsibility to ameliorate the consequences of your own mistakes.

    Write off the $40 as idiot tax and stop living your life on autopilot. Pay attention to what discs you’re jamming into that red envelope.

    • DariusC says:

      That’s easy to say in hindsight.

    • who? says:

      I was thinking it was nice of Netflix to send it back to him. They certainly weren’t required to. Kind of a bummer that the post office broke it, but stuff happens. Sorry, Wayne. This one’s on you.

      • greggorthechamp says:

        I bet they didn’t even charge him for taking the time out of one of their employees days to remail the game, or for the $0.20 postage.

        • MMD says:

          Would’ve been cheaper postage to mail in a Netflix envelope, which would likely have prevented the breakage. And if customer service is the employee’s job, then the act of mailing the DVD back doesn’t cost anything extra.

          This doesn’t excuse Wayne of blame, but if Netflix is going to bother to help, they should have gone all the way and actually helped by mailing in proper packaging.

          • rob3912811 thinks this site is full of retards and assclowns with cats for friends. says:

            Only on Consumerist would “you didn’t help me out good enough” be a valid response to someone volunteering their own time and resources to fix someone else’s stupid mistake.

            • MMD says:

              It’s Netflix. They mail discs for a living. Why are you working so hard to miss my point?

              Only on Consumerist would someone abandon common sense and logic because they feel such a strong urge to bitch about the OP.

              • rob3912811 thinks this site is full of retards and assclowns with cats for friends. says:

                Tht’s bcs y hv n pnt. Cnvrsl, tw vld pnts r ) th P *s* bng lttl btch, nd ) th wrld wld b bttr ff f y wr brtd.

      • mdoneil says:

        I bet it the disc arrived undamaged we wouldn’t have seen an email saying Netflix went the extra mile to return my disc.

        Nope, just foisting personal responsibility off onto others.

    • BurtReynolds says:

      Agree. He is lucky Netflix bothered to find the disc and have an employee send it back. The fact they didn’t pack it in 10 layers of bubble wrap and have it hand delivered by a courier isn’t something to fault them for. They sent it back USPS and USPS broke it.

    • impatientgirl says:


  8. chemmy says:

    Netflix didn’t break his disc. USPS did. I think his anger is aimed at the wrong party.

    • milty45654 says:

      Yeah same….why should netflix reimburse you for your mistake to damage that wasn’t their doing?
      You made a mistake…take what others get from mistakes….EXPERIENCE…and LEARN from it.

    • Tyanna says:

      Yes and no. A company that ships out DVDs as it’s bread and butter should know better than to send a disk through the mail in a standard envelope. I also expect that said company would know the price of postage.

      They didn’t have to send it out in a Netflix mailer envelope, but using an envelope of the same quality might have saved this situation.

      • NotEd says:

        Netflix envelopes and not more sturdy that a manilla envelope. They don’t get damaged as much because Netflix presorts the mailers so they don’t have to go through sorting machines and bause they are bright red and say “NETFLIX” on them, alerting Postal workers to their content.

    • props says:

      Even so, it’s nice when a company does the right thing. I ordered something from Woot, and I think the package was stolen off my porch, because it was reported delivered, but I never saw it, neither did my neighbors. The postal company was worthless, but Woot sent out a replacement immediately, even though they could’ve passed the responsibility on to someone else.

  9. Actionable Mango says:

    Coming from a person who couldn’t bother to spend 250 milliseconds to glance at the disc before returning it, his expectations of everyone else involved are pretty high.

    • Belloc says:

      No kidding… he had to pop that disc out of his PS3 and place it in the envelope. Unless he’s holding the envelope against the disc ejection slot and shaking the disc out of the PS3, there’s no way he should’ve missed this.

      If you do this at Blockbuster, you’re fine… the cases are hard. If you’re dealing with mail, however, you’re going to need to exert a little more caution. Netflix is not responsible.

  10. Melchiour says:

    I think they did right by finding the disc and even attempting to send it back. It’s up to the renter to ensure you send back the proper disc.

    I would be more upset with myself in such a situation than with Netflix.

  11. Squeezer99 says:

    why does this guy want netflix to pay for his screw-up?

    • Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

      I’m guessing it’s the same thing that caused him to do it in the first place: really good weed.

    • meltingcube says:

      Because that is what this world has come to. A person makes a mistake and puts the blame on others rather than taking responsibility for their own actions.

  12. Mike says:

    Suspend Netflix. Get DVDs from the local library until the disc is paid for by the difference. Then you’ll realize you don’t need Netflix anyway. But if you must, subscribe again.

  13. JakeChance says:

    I have to agree. This one is on Wayne. He shouldn’t have sent the wrong disc as that’s a real bonehead move. It’s great Netflix tried to get it back to him but they’re not in the “returning your own property” business.

    See if THQ has a replacement policy but Netflix doesn’t owe him anything.

  14. Ed says:

    I guess Netflix’s customer service has gone downhill. When I accidentally sent in a personal DVD instead of my movie rental, I got it back in a bright red Netflix envelope in perfect condition. Not sure why they didn’t do that here rather than stick it in a plain old envelope with a stamp.

    • rob3912811 thinks this site is full of retards and assclowns with cats for friends. says:

      What you meant to say is that personal responsibility has gone downhill.

      “Customer service” is the ability of a company to correct its own mistakes. “Taking personal responsibility” is the ability of a customer to deal with his own mistakes.

      • RandomHookup says:

        Customer service extends to the customer’s mistakes, too. If you lose your wallet at a store, them calling you is good customer service. Tossing it on the counter for anyone to claim is crappy customer service. They are your customers whether they do boneheaded things or not.

        • Twonkey says:

          Right. And they sent him back his game, which when last I was a member, they said they couldn’t promise they’d do if you sent them the wrong disk. They may not have gone above and beyond, but to suggest that they didn’t provide Wayne good customer service is wrong.

          I don’t like coming down on the customer, but in this case it’s totally warranted. Wayne screwed up. He’s only human, so we shouldn’t give him too much grief for that. However, for him to expect anything above them sending him back his game just because he’s been a member for a long time is ridiculous. Sending a story to Consumerist about how they didn’t is just dickish.

          • RandomHookup says:

            Sending his game back in a standard envelope isn’t good customer service. At best, it’s the least they could do.

  15. Murph1908 says:

    I sent the wrong game back to Gamefly once.

    I considered myself lucky when I received the game back from them. And I don’t mean that as a dig on Gamefly service. My mistake, and I was prepared to live with the consequences.

  16. All Work and Low Pay says:

    You can get a replacement disc for about $5.00. Just need to contact THQ and get the shipping address. I had to do this when my Xbox ate my copy of Halo 3. Not a huge deal, it’ll take about 14 days though.

  17. BlueHighlighterNextToACoozie says:

    Just put a little masking tape on the top side of the crack and run the disc through a skip doctor, should be good to go!!

  18. Jawaka says:

    Netflix just wants Wayne to be a streaming customer.

  19. mk says:

    When I accidentally sent the wrong movie (one of my own0 back to netflix once, I called them up to see if there was any way I could get it back. Nope, but they gave me a $10 credit to be nice. It was more than I expected and I was more than happy. They tried to do the right thing here. Not really their fault the disk broke (though it is kinda funny since their business model is to mail disks every day without them breaking in transit).

  20. rob3912811 thinks this site is full of retards and assclowns with cats for friends. says:

    “Wyn’s vw s tht vn thgh hs wn prprt s hs rspnsblt, Ntflx shld thrw hm bn fr hs lylt.” Tht’s th prblm. Wyn fls h s nttld t thngs h’s nt rll nttld t. Mcrsft shld snd m fr mn bcs s thr prdcts. Sn shld snd m fr TVs bcs s thr prdcts. Th nttlmnt tttd rnd hr s, nd lwys hs bn nsn. Th pnt s tht Wyn ws stpd nd mndlss fr scnd. Tht’s hs rspnsblt t dl wth. Ntflx thrw hm bn whn th pt ffrt nt rcvrng nd sndng th dsc bck. Th ddn’t vn w hm tht.

  21. Geekybiker says:

    They should have charged him for not returning ‘The magnificent seven’ on top of it. Seriously Netflix had no responsibility here. Tough titties.

  22. Cicadymn says:

    I’m siding with the OP on this one. (Though I think he’s severely overreacting to the “problems” Netflix had.)

    You can’t tell me a company who’s specialization is sending out DVDs and getting them back to have such a piss poor wrong disc recovery system as “stick it in a manilla envelope and hope it makes it back.” I’m betting Netflix has gotten quite a few wrong DVDs in the mail. It shouldn’t be that difficult for them to stick it in a proper return envelope and mail it back. If Netflix is going to throw a hissy about the cost, make it part of the contract that if you send in the wrong item, you have to pay for an envelope to send it back in.

    Yes OP made a mistake, but that’s no excuse for lazy and poor customer service. He probably should have first talked to them about the procedure as to what happens if you send in the wrong DVD, if they don’t have one then shame on Netflix, I’m sure this isn’t a rare occurrence either.

    • ShinGetterPoPo says:

      Your QR alone is enough for a +1 on this comment

    • RandomHookup says:

      I’ve seen behind the counters at a Blockbuster Video store where they had boxes marked “Wrong Store”, “Library Video” and the like. It’s pretty much expected in that business.

  23. esc27 says:

    He made the mistake, so it was very nice of Netflix to send the disc back rather than simply dispose of it. However, the moment they decided to return it, they became responsible for doing so correctly. I don’t expect them to purchase insurance on the item or use their own Netflix labeled mailers, but at minimum use a proper envelope with appropriate markings. If that was the case, then the Postal Service is to blame…

    • Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

      Then they should have told him “tough shit dumbass” instead of assuming any risk. People that think like you give kindness a bad name.

    • dourdan says:

      i totally blame the op.
      if this gets media attention the new policy of netflix will be “no, your game disk will be trashed. pay attention next time.”

      i bet this was one person trying to do the right thing, unless netflix had a “lost and found” department.

  24. ThinkingBrian says:

    I hate to say this, but I blame the OP. Simply put, the OP returned the wrong disc (a video game no less) back to Netflix instead of their disc. Then Netflix, actually not only found the disc, but paid to return the disc via USPS in a regular envelope (sucks they didn’t use there own so he could send the right disc back and it would get the care at disc needs). But unfortunately USPS broke the game disc anyway.

    Personally I don’t blame Netflix, I blame USPS (which there is nothing you can do about it) and the OP. Maybe since he bought the disc, the THQ game company can send him a replacement disc for free or a small fee. The would be his only option other than buying another copy. But the OP needs to stop blaming Netflix. Sorry, I don’t agree with the OP.

    • DustoMan says:

      Exactly, it’s the OP’s own fault for putting the disc in the mailer in the first play. Should have been paying more attention. What if he instead put the game disc in the trash? Would it then be the garbage company’s responsibility to get it back to him? And if they found it, would they then be liable for the condition it’s in? How do you know that that Game Disc didn’t arrive at Netflix like that?

  25. jasvll says:

    I wonder how he decided Netflix was the one to complain to? He clearly had an equally strong case against the USPS for damaging his game disc…and THQ for making their game discs look like video discs. All 3 of those entities are clearly responsible for making this right, right?

  26. dolemite says:

    I’d say someone broke that disk on purpose. I’ve been with netflix for years and years and NEVER received a broken disk.

    • Swins says:

      If its not marked fragile, disk or hand sort, it goes through a machine that will snap it just like that. An envelope of that size gets bent slightly and quickly, if a disk it gets ruined if just a card or paper, you could never even tell

      During college break many years go I worked as a helper at a sort facility for the USPS.
      One of the kids I worked with put a stack of 2000+ AOL mailers through the presort machine. There were disks snapping and flying everywhere. He RUINED the machine, they had to replace it two weeks later because they couldn’t fix it.

    • gafpromise says:

      I ordered the same disk 3 times. First one was heavily cracked, second one was literally broken in half just about like the pic above. Third one was okay which was a good thing because I was about to give up on that movie altogether. But lately it seems my Netflix disks have been skipping a lot and have a lot of scratches and smudges. I’d give up the DVD option altogether except that their streaming selections are lousy.

    • deniseb says:

      I did receive a broken disk. They replaced it immediately.

    • Doubting thomas says:

      I have had 3 broken discs in the years i have been a Netflix customer. Back in the early days they would send a new one out as soon as they recieved the broken one back. Now they send a replacement as soon as you report the broken disc.

      I have also pulled a Wayne and sent back one of my own discs instead of the Netflix disc. Though in my defense I did not send back a video game. Both discs were plain grey discs with the movie title written on them. When I contacted netflix they said they would try to find it and send it back. I never got the disc back at all, and you know whose fault it is? Mine!

  27. Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

    Democrats should pass a law that makes the commission of any mistake, and any subsequent loss or damage resulting from it, someone else’s responsibility regardless of how negligent or at fault the person was who committed it.

    It’s only fair.

    • GoldVRod says:

      Me checks your post history for hints of extremely whiny political pontifications weaved undeservedly into almost every unrelated thread on Consumerist…

      You didn’t disappoint.

  28. Swins says:

    Short version the OP is an idiot

  29. Cat says:

    Cat’s view is that even though his own property is his responsibility, his own property is his responsibility.

  30. LegolasTN says:

    I think the reason people disagree about it is because, yeah, Netflix didn’t have a responsibility to correct his mistake (and it would take quite a bit of entitlement to think they do) but on the other hand it is kind of dick move to assure you they will help and then do so in an irresponsible fashion. It’s like if I left a book over at a friend’s house, then a few weeks later noticed and asked if they’d mind bringing it by my house (perhaps we live a good distance away from each other). They could say no, but you can pick it up next time you come by. Or, no, but if you want to reimburse me for the postage I’ll get it in the mail for you. Or even, no, sorry, I didn’t realize it was yours and donated it to Goodwill (or took it to the local used bookstore). And that would be fine – my bad. But if they said sure, I’ll drop it off one day next week, then they come out on a day it’s been raining all day and leave it on my front porch where it gets soaked and ruined…well, are they obligated to replace it for me? Maybe not. But they probably ought to do something to make up for it – because it was, at best, a stupid and irresponsible thing to do.

  31. dogmaticman says:

    Honestly its on the postal service not Netflix. Netflix did everything they should have done, found the disc (probably in a stack of hundreds of missent discs they get) and sent it back by usual methods. AOL CDs (back in the day) used to arrive in no better than with a sticker and plastic wrap around them…for whatever reason it wasn’t handled well during transit and got broken…so it’s bad luck. But it’s not on Netflix to extend an olive branch for your mistake.

    What’s more disturbing is how you’re deluding yourself into believing your loyalty is worth them giving you money for a game that you sent to them by accident. It’s really on you.

  32. DrRonster says:

    Would be a lot funnier if someone sent a dupe made by DVD Fab.

  33. ungeheier says:

    PS3 game. no harm no foul.

  34. bigd738778 says:

    Wahhhh. Dumb butt sent in a game for a movie. That is not Netflix’s problem, so sorry. I’ve been with Netflix through all their dumb mistakes but this is not a consumerist problem. He was stupid to send in a game for a movie. Grow up people and accept responsiblity.

  35. Memtex784 says:

    The local library has them (movies) free to take home for a week

  36. Cosmo_Kramer says:

    “Essentially, Netflix has decided that I’m not worthy of being a customer even though we stuck with the company after all of the service and billing changes.”

    How’s that now? Did they tell you you’re not allowed to be a customer any more? Oh, no, you’re just being an indignant douche because you screwed up and through no fault of Netflix your disc broke. Get over. Netflix has not wronged you, they owe you nothing.

  37. I'd Buy That For A Dollar! says:

    When we signed up with Netflix I warned my kids to watch what they put in the return envelope, because I wasn’t sure I could get it back.

  38. Jemaine says:

    Before contacting Netflix, I would have done nothing and kept the movie.

  39. Twonkey says:

    “Wayne’s view is that even though his own property is his responsibility, Netflix should throw him a bone for his loyalty.”

    Listen, I love this site. Or at least I loved what it initially appeared to be back when I came across it years ago. This shit though? This is outside of the scope of what the site was at least once supposed to be all about. At worst this is a missed opportunity for Netflix to have gone above and beyond for a customer, but that in and of itself really doesn’t warrant a story. They sent the game back to him, and are under no obligation whatsoever to do anything more for Wayne. It would have been nice if they had, sure, but that Wayne didn’t get extra shit for a situation of his own making isn’t really all that much of a concern. It’s kind of how the real world works.

  40. Zer0.MediA says:

    How do you send Netflix a sixty dollar video game by accident?

  41. mikells43 says:

    How bout next time don’t waste my time with this bs article and send the right disc in. How hard is it? And stop bitching about ur dumbass mistake. Ur just a dollar sign for them.

  42. hush404 says:

    Netflix charges what? $7/month? and a new game like that costs? $60. Meaning… they’d need you to be with them for another, almost 9 months, to get their return… yeah… you’re screwed. Stop sending Netflix your $60 games.

  43. 401k says:

    OP is a dumbass. But Netflix needs to take advantage of every opportunity to improve public opinion if it wants to remain viable after all the gaffs it has made. Netflix says it had to raise prices because they were having to pay more to deliver the content. The problem is that they raised the price on the customer to deliver the same exact service. They didn’t promise faster buffering, more titles, better menus, they actually imposed limitations on their service…offering less and charging more.

    I personally convinced 3 people that we could share streaming and each pay 2 bucks a month. We each save $6, Netflix loses $24 and we all still get the same service. While they limit you to 1 movie stream at a time, the limit doesn’t seem to apply to TV shows, so 1 user can watch a movie and the others could choose TV shows.

  44. Big Dave says:

    I have been told by my PO manager, that Netflix red envelopes are cancelled by hand, and not run through any of their machines. Netflix, apparently pays extra for this service.

  45. ancientone567 says:

    And they want to ask why we resort to sharing? Here is a fix. Go to a torrent site copy the game and burn it to disk. Problem solved. You own a license to the game for your own use because you have the broken disc. CASE CLOSED!

  46. MonicaPell says:

    I stopped using Netflix (Qwikster) and switched to Redbox, Blockbuster. I also use “TVDevo” for streaming. If you want streaming it’s a better choice than Netflix.

  47. MonicaPell says:

    I stopped using Netflix (Qwikster) and switched to Redbox, Blockbuster. I also use “TV Devo” for streaming. If you want streaming it’s a better choice than Netflix.

  48. pika2000 says:

    “It was Wayne’s fault for accidentally sending Netflix his WWE’12 instead of returning The Magnificent Seven, that much he knows.”
    I stopped reading after that first sentence. If you cannot even take care of your own belongings, why do you expect others to do so for you?

  49. nikalseyn says:

    I don’t understand what the guy is complaining about. He sent out a flat disc and Netflix was kind enough to bend it for him with the anticipation he would use it for an avante garde display next time he goes to San Francisco.

  50. akirabass says:

    OP lost my sympathy at “WWE’12.”

  51. booboloo says:

    He’s lucky they went that far, I once thought i mailed them my own disc instead of the dvd, they said they couldn’t return such things. Luckily later I found out I hadn’t made the mistake and had just misplaced it. But I guess they were already going the extra mile, but the disc fracture is kind of the risk of the entire mail system model.

  52. lxa1023 says:

    Here’s the mistake Netflix made. They could’ve solved this problem originally by spending less than $1 to return the disc securely and safely and most people would agree it is definitely worth it to keep a long-term monthly subscriber for that minimal of a cost. Now, however, it would cost them $55-$60 to replace the disc, which they of course are balking at, and will which probably cost them their customer. Smarter decisions could’ve left both parties reasonably happy.

  53. teamplur says:

    They were doing him a favor by breaking that aweful game

  54. akronharry says:

    When you return a movie into Redbox, doen’t it read the bar code on the DVD?
    If no bar code, isn’t it rejected? Just asking.

  55. Knyte says:

    Take them to small claims court for Destruction Of Property.

    Sure, it’s only for like $60, but odds are they won’t bother to show up, and you’ll win be default.

  56. guspaz says:

    What do you expect Netflix to do, replace it? Brilliant:

    “Hey Netflix, I accidentally mailed you this valuable disc worth $1000. You broke it when I returned it to you, I’d like you to give me $1000 to cover the replacement cost.”

    Sorry, no. They did their part by mailing it back to you. It’s unfortunate it got broken in transit, but it’s really not their fault, at this point. You sends your discs and you takes your chances.

  57. Tacojelly says:

    While this sucks for this guy, Netflix has not been shy about making their streaming services their first priority. It’s probably time to stop renting discs…

    I would suggest using gamefly for games, but my experience has been that they have a lot of stock issues.