Guess What, FedEx Driver? No One At A U.S. Army Base Will Find Your Bomb Jokes Funny

A FedEx driver who apparently was never trained in the “don’t ever, ever say the word bomb on the job” is facing a felony terrorism charge, after he allegedly joked that a package was “probably a bomb” at a U.S. Army base.

Since 9/11, one might think the average citizen has realized that bomb jokes won’t go over well, whether at an airport, at a federal building or you know, at a place where a large number of servicemen and women work to keep the country safe. And forget a normal person — when you’re in the business of delivering packages, you’ve been told not to drop the bomb-bomb on the job.

Nonetheless, the Salt Lake Tribune says that military police evacuated 215 people from the U.S Army Corps of Engineers trailer and surrounding area at Camp Williams, all because a FedEx driver thought he was funny.

According to the charges, a woman asked what was in the package he was delivering to an employee at the base, and he replied, “It’s probably a bomb.” He told cops later that he said it by mistake.

Ohh, so what he meant to say was something like, “It’s probably a mom” or maybe, “It’s probably some noms.” That could happen to anyone!
Delivery man charged after “bomb” comment causes evacuation [Salt Lake Tribune]

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