Michel Gondry Directs A Fantastically Weird Japanese Commercial Featuring A Giant Foot

Come on, Michel Gondry — why take your delightfully odd talents to Japan? Start directing commercials in the U.S. and we will gladly take them, comically over-sized feet and all. Just like George Clooney, Michel isn’t limiting himself to feature films, as his spot for a Japanese department store shows.

As with many of Michel’s movies —¬†Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep (didn’t see Green Hornet, but, what?) — things can be a bit confusing and surreal at first. But then Michel does his thing of throwing you for a loop involving a giant foot and a maniacally screaming man, only to smack you upside the head with how it’s all connected at the end.

In any case, we’d totally go to this store if there was one nearby. Two giant, freaky thumbs up, Michel!

Michel Gondry Directed a Japanese Commercial, And It’s Awesomely Weird [FilmDrunk]

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