GE Doesn't See The Problem With An Oven That Won't Cook Anything

For some reason, Terry expects the GE range with double ovens that he bought just a few months ago to do unreasonable things, like heat up to a consistent temperature, or perhaps cook some food. But his roasts remain un-roasted, and his cakes won’t bake. What’s wrong? None of the technicians GE has sent see a problem with the oven.

Just before Thanksgiving 2011 I bought a GE Profile double oven range #PS978ST1SS to replace an old Profile range I had for 16 years. Consumer Reports had rated a close model very high so I felt confident that I would have a good experience. Wrong. So far dinners on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years have been ruined by ovens that cannot reach or hold a temperature.

The temperature indicator on the front panel is useless. It takes almost an hour for ovens to reach a usable roasting temperature, then the temp fluctuates between 280 and 430 degrees. Roasts never roast, cakes are ruined. A 30 minute roast was still cold after 2.5 hours in this so-called oven. I have been around and around with the seller who wants a $1200 restocking fee and GE which sent 2 technicians 3 times, always claiming there is nothing wrong. I tell them they will have to stay at least an hour to see this non-performance, but they won’t.

Now GE will do nothing and refuses to acknowledge what seems to me a major design fault. I found others on the internet who are complaining of the same fault with GE Profile double oven ranges

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