Milwaukee Police Invite You To Conduct Your Craigslist Transactions At Their Station For Safety's Sake

In an attempt to cut down on back alley Craigslist deals gone awry, Milwaukee cops are opening the doors of one police station to quell the surge of recent robberies by having transactions go down under the station’s roof. Better there than behind the dumpster at the gas station, right?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says six robberies* occurred in police District 7 on the city’s northwest side in the last month, where people tried to sell expensive goods electronics and vehicles and were robbed, or would-be sellers showed up to steal money.

“This is nothing new. It’s happening all over the country,” police officer Lisa Staffold said Monday. “The media has deemed it ‘robbery by appointment’ because you’re posting ads, you’re selling your iPhones, your iPads, your vehicles, and when you go to a meeting location, you’re being robbed.”

Cops are also reminding people that if someone doesn’t want to meet you in a safe place like the police station, that should be a red flag that they’re up to no good. Or hey, maybe they really don’t like hanging out at the police station.

*No, the accompanying picture is not of the suspects. Everyone knows the amazing Racing Sausages are only guilty of stealing the show.

**Thanks for the tip, George!

Craigslist-related robberies on the rise [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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