3 Crazy Financial Stunts To Attempt

Saving money and slashing spending aren’t typically the most entertaining or intrinsically rewarding activities, but those who make a game of the act can entertain themselves and others with bold attempts at lofty financial goals.

Budgets Are Sexy identifies three financial challenges you can try for the sake of trying. Even if you fail, you’ll probably emerge more financially stable than when you started.

* Earn money by blogging. Blogger Edward is challenging all comers to try and earn $3,000, offering a $50 Amazon gift card to the one who does so the quickest. If it takes you longer, your consolation prize is that $3,000 you’ve made.

* A spending fast. Pick an amount of time and refuse to spend money during that period. You’ll need to surprise yourself with creative alternatives to problems you’d usually solve with money.

* A financial obstacle course. Set a series of manageable but inconvenient financial hurdles to overcome, such as reading a personal finance book, building something you’d normally buy, taking a five percent bite out of your debt and generating a $1,000 emergency fund.

3 Awesome Challenges to Try This Year [Budgets Are Sexy]

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