Starbucks Moves Forward With Extended Boozy Menu Hitting More Locations

While it seems a Starbucks sprang up on every corner and in every mall at the rate of one new location per second, it’s taking a little bit longer for their extended menu, including alcohol, to reach the nation. After testing it at Seattle locations and in Portland, Ore., the chain is finally ready to branch out to a few more locations.

Offering wine and beer (what, no double tequila shots?) and hot items like flatbreads and other savory snacks, a few cafes in Atlanta and Southern California will see the extended menus by the end of this year, says Reuters.

Currently the menu is only available at five locations in the Seattle area and the aforementioned one in Portland, but Starbucks has said it was aiming to add the menu to five to seven stores in Chicago by the end of 2012 as well.

Perhaps an afternoon pick-me up during happy hour will make it a touch more tolerable to deal with the laptop hobos camped out for hours, hogging all the electrical outlets and nursing coffees until the end of time. Perhaps.

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