Mozilla Blacks Out Against SOPA & PIPA Without Leaving Firefox Users In The Lurch

Mozilla is making its stance against SOPA and PIPA clear today, by joining the list of sites featuring a blackout page and a call to action to protest the anti-piracy acts. But while they take a stand, users seeking technical support for Mozilla products like Firefox will still be able to access that site and get security updates.

From 8 a.m. EST this morning until 8 p.m. tonight, Mozilla’s traffic is redirecting from its main and English sites to an action page. Users can still download Firefox with a link at the bottom of the page, or go directly to the download page.

Those with the default Firefox start page on their browsers will also see a black page with the call to action message, to increase awareness of PIPA/SOPA. Search functionality isn’t affected and Firefox will function as it usually would.

Mozilla says of their actions today:

The Mozilla project is a global community of people who believe that openness, innovation, and opportunity are key to the continued health of the Internet. These new laws would give the US government and private business incredible censorship powers that would have effects globally, damage the Internet’s security and discourage innovation and investment worldwide.

Protect the Internet [Mozilla Org]

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