Cops: Pregnant Woman Armed With Hairspray Attacks Store Employee While Shoplifting

Police say a pregnant woman in South Carolina tried to shoplift from a beauty supply store, and when she was caught, she allegedly whacked the apprehending employee upside the head with a can of pilfered hairspray. Such an example to set for an unborn child!

WBTV in Rock Hill says the woman is facing assault charges for the alleged attack. They say they arrived on the scene and spoke with a man with blood dripping from his head from the hairspray-inflicted wound.

Others in the store say the 23-year-old woman was attempting to put several items in her purse, when the employee tried to stop her and grabbed the purse. Cops say she then smacked the man with the hairspray can, ran out of the store, dropped the purse and drove off.

The woman was later apprehended, at which time she claimed she was defending herself. She was taken to the hospital for abdominal pain, and was later arrested.

*Thanks for the tip, Harper!

Pregnant shoplifter attacks employee with can of hairspray, police say [WBTV]

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