Get Rid Of Screen Glare In A Flash

If you’re in a line of work that forces you to stare at a screen for hours a day, glare can wear on you. To avoid headaches, eye strain and other irritations, you’ll need to take steps to eliminate glare.

An Ask ErgoWorks story from a year ago offers several easy ways to dull or entirely eliminate the problem.

Tips include angling your monitor away from a window, taking breaks every 15 to 30 minutes, cleaning the screen and slipping an anti-glare cover on top of it. Some people recommend wearing sunglasses or hats on the job.

If the problem is in the workplace and nothing you do fixes the issue, don’t suffer silently. Let management and human resources know about your struggle so you can work together to solve the problem.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Computer Screen Glare [Ask ErgoWorks]

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