Upgrade Your Laptop's Hard Drive In 3 Easy Steps

If your laptop goes kablooie, or you just run out of space by filling it from totally legal downloads, it’s probably time to swap it out. The operation may sound difficult, but it’s deceptively easy. If you can handle a screwdriver, you’re more than capable.

CNET offers a step-by-step guide:

* Get your gear. You’ll need a screwdriver, discs to install your operating system and programs, a new hard drive and a portable drive to back up your old info.

* Screw off. Flip your laptop over and unscrew the panel that’s covering your hard drive. Your drive, which you’ll need to unplug from the computer’s innards, will probably be encased in a bracket with more screws, so detach those and slip your new drive in before re-screwing everything back where it goes.

* Reload. Now turn your computer on, slip in the necessary discs and get ready to re-install everything. A portable drive makes it easy, if time-consuming, to restore all your old totally legal downloads and Microsoft Pain masterpieces.

Upgrade your laptop’s hard drive [CNET]

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