Jenny Craig And Purina Team Up To Slim Down Your Pudgy Pet

Has your pooch just been longing to fit back into her skinny leash? Or perhaps your cat is well, too fat for your lap. Jenny Craig and Purina don’t want your furry friend to languish in chubbiness, which is why they’ve teamed up help you slim down your pet.

Project Pet Slim Down puts it this way — what better workout partner than your pet? There’s no judging, and you can feel like you’re in it together. “If you and your pet are both looking to get to a healthy weight, you can be each other’s strongest allies,” says the website, via our eagle-eyed elders at Consumer Reports.

Once you’ve gotten permission from your vet to go forward, the plan includes exercise tips and discount coupons for Purina Veterinary Diet, which you can only procure from your vet. Owners can track their pets progress online and chronicle the whole thing on Facebook. You know, if that’s your thing.

And for the human part of this equation, Jenny Craig offers a free 30-day support program, but you buy the food. That can get pricey –¬†Consumer Reports testers paid $264 plus $65 shipping for two weeks’ worth of meals.

Next thing you know, your dog will learn to trip you on the way to the freezer for that pint of ice cream at 2 a.m. That’s the kind of plan that would really work.

Jenny Craig and Purina team up to fight fat cats and dogs [Consumer Reports]

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