How To Throw A Successful Yard Sale

Unless you get rid of as much stuff as you bring into your home on shopping trips, you’ve probably got a bunch of useless things that you’re best off unloading. One potentially profitable way to simplify is to hold a yard sale. If you play things the right way, you could end up with less clutter and more cash.

ReadyForZero offers advice on how to make you yard sale a worthy endeavor:

* Make sure you’ve got the right stuff. You’ll need tables, hangers, a calculator, small bills, pricing stickers and bins for your items. The more organized your setup, the more accommodating your shopping environment will be.

* Spread the word. Plug in to the garage sale community by posting your sale for free online at Craigslist and Post the hours and the types of items you’ll put up for sale.

* Put out snacks. Your customers will likely be making a day of it, hitting up several other sales in addition to yours. Make them like you just a little bit more by feeding them chips and soft drinks.

Tips to Turn Any Yard Sale Into a Money Making Success [ReadyForZero]

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