Finally, You Can Get A Multi-Subscription Discount If You Have Both Sirius And XM

Satellite radio wonder-twins Sirius and XM have been together for three years now. Customers often whine to us: why can’t we get multi-subscription discounts when they subscribe to both Sirius and XM. It’s all the same company, isn’t it? Offering discounts would have made too much sense, and was therefore impossible. Until now!

Charles over at Sirius Buzz discovered this exciting new possibility. It’s even in their online support center now. The number to call if you’re in a cross-platform relationship is 866-635-2349.

Yes, you have to call and ask for the discount. As one site commenter observed, if the company knows which customers have multiple accounts, why do you have to call in for the discount?

When calling the automated system knew that i had 1 XM and 2 SIRI. Now if the automated system knew that, why then would i have to call to get the discount? Why not just give me the discount?

How else are they going to keep track of who their smartest customers are?

Finally: Sirius XM Offers Cross Platform Multi-subscription Discounts [Sirius Buzz]

Maybe XM And Sirius Should Try Acting A Little More Like A Monopoly


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  1. dolemite says:

    The only thing I’ve heard from XM is another rate increase. I believe each line is going up around $1 a month, which equates to a 10% increase.

  2. BurtReynolds says:

    You are probably still better off just negotiating them separately. I just signed up for 1 year of XM Premier for $115 after fees/taxes. The post there said XM Select would be $9.99 a month.

  3. scottydog says:

    My wife has Sirius, I have XM and every year for the last 5+ years I have called in when each account is set to renew and threatened to cancel and each time they renewed me for a year at $79 for each account.

    • tbax929 says:

      I do the same, but I always get 6 months free. I haven’t paid for Sirius yet. And I don’t intend to.

    • tbax929 says:

      I do the same, but I always get 6 months free. I haven’t paid for Sirius yet. And I don’t intend to.

  4. meltingcube says:

    Just yesterday I called to cancel my Sirius account. They just offer different different deals until you take one to stay. Eventually you get one that’s decent.

    • dolemite says:

      I called to cancel 6 months ago and they gave me $50 for 2 radios for 6 months. I guess it’s going to be like cable, where each time my “deal” fades, I have to ask for a new deal or threaten to leave to get a good bargain.

  5. jojo319 says:

    I call every six months and agree to pay around $55.00 for the “Premier” package including Internet access. It takes 10 minutes. I have XM, and that get’s me Howard Stern, etc….

  6. I'd Buy That For A Dollar! says:

    Wow! Sirius/XM is still in business? And people still subscribe to them aftrer the free trial? With Pandora, Tune In, podcasts, and mp3, I haven’t looked back since.

    • CalicoGal says:

      #1- Opie & Anthony

      #2- I don’t need to download anything to my phone or iPod ahead of time and keep up with synching something— I just turn the radio on.

      #3- I do not have unlimited data on my phone to stream content on the go, e.g., in the car.

    • meltingcube says:

      I’ve tried it with running Spotify or Pandora in the car, however it gets annoying when you fumble around trying to skip a bad song to the point where I just gave up on it. In general the music on the satellite stations I listen too aren’t too bad, though I wish they would just stop all interruptions. Yes, technically they are not commercials, but I dont care to hear some nasally woman gossip about celebrities.

    • BurtReynolds says:

      I did podcasts and my own music for a while, but I still like Howard and O&A. I especially like the “Howard Stern Shuffle” on 101 that plays old clips.

      I also like the radio stations. It is nice to hear a variety of tracks that I will never hear on the formulaic Clear Channel offering in this market. DC area radio sucks ever since WJFK went to sports talk. Maybe if I listened to Top 40 pop I’d feel different.

  7. elephant says:

    That’s great! I just sent a tip in yesterday about the rate increase – I was simply upset because SiriusXM didn’t tell me ahead of time – somehow they don’t think it’s newsworthy to let subscribers know aside from an explanation on their website. They said they are emailing and mailing rate increase info, but I never got anything and my rates went up for 2 accounts on Jan 1 for an additional $74/year. At least I can get a discount now…

    • Christopher Wilson says:

      They sent me a notice in the mail multiple times. They had the balls to suggest that since times are tough, I should upgrade to my package and pay more to save money.

      • elephant says:

        Hmmm… that actually sounds vaguely familiar – maybe I did get something, but just dismissed it because increasing my own plan when “times are tough” is a horrible suggestion.

  8. Solkanar512 says:

    I’ll take my HD radio over satellite any day. I still get two to three times the stations over a normal radio, and tons of great content like the BBC. But then again, Seattle has a great radio market so this won’t work for everyone.

  9. CalicoGal says:

    I got the email about the rate increase— but for the last few years, I call them when my term is set to run out and tell them I will cancel unless I can get the same deal. You have to chew them down but eventually you can get something like 5 months for $25 if you pay it up front— just be sure to call them back before the end of that 5 months or else they will renew you at the regular going rate.
    I just mark it on my calendar and call a few days before it runs out.

    However, when Opie & Anthony are gone, so am I.

    I think their current contract runs out in October.

  10. jsl4980 says:

    I never thought this day would come. Glad to see SiriusXM doesn’t completely hate their customers. I still love the radio service despite the horrible customer service.

  11. 12-inch Idongivafuck Sandwich says:

    This is great news. We have 3 Sirius subscriptions (1 with lifetime) in our household. I just purchased a new truck with XM (still in my trial period) and was pissed that it was going to cost me $17/month to listen to Howard Stern. This will definitely keep me as a subscriber going forward.

    • meltingcube says:

      I just got a deal yesterday that was 5 months for $29 ($5.80/mo), which included Howard stern. Definitely helps to call in and complain about the pricing.

  12. AllanG54 says:

    I don’t have satellite in my car but for the last 10 days I have a loaner from the dealer that has Sirius. Frankly, I don’t see the big deal. The play the same music I can get on terrestrial radio albeit without commercials but I have lost the signal numerous times, the other day for about three minutes on the station I was listening to. Doesn’t seem like something I’d ever pay for and frankly many people must feel that way as the stock is less than $2 a share.

  13. DonnieZ says:

    Just call and threaten to cancel, give them a sob story.. You’ll get it for $77/year. I do this for all of my radios.

    At least you can finally get a discount for being a both sides customer. My new car’s navi unit only has Sirius and they had the stones to want to charge me the full rate for Sirius and two XM units I have. I’ve been an XM customer non-stop since about 4-5 months after they launched.

    It was fine to combine programming and jack the rate, but when I asked about multi-service discounts the story has always been “Oh, well, we don’t have the billing systems combined yet..”

    Yeah, sure.

  14. scoutermac says:

    Just to be honest. I had XM for six months. The music selection is lousy and the audio quality is awful.

    • Derigiberble says:

      XM pre-merger was rather good. Very deep playlists and pretty fun station identities. For example, The Ethel, Lucy, and Fred trio would have snarky station IDs such as Fred (the “classic alternative” station) saying things like “we cover your favorite bands from their debut until they sold out…one album later. I heard similarly good things about Sirius channels and DJs.

      Post merger everything on XM got gutted. All playlists were shortened dramatically, stations were rendered very generic, and just in general quality declined. I swear the audio quality on many stations dropped too. I cancelled my XM subscription and only bothered a couple times to use the Sirius radio which came equipped in my car.

  15. droidd says:

    I called and they will only give you a multi-platform discount if you sign up for each radio for an annual plan.

    So for me they said $175 for the first radio and $131 for my second radio for a total of about $306 NOT including taxes or other fees.

    This link provides you with very little information. Just says to call if you want a multi-platform discount.

  16. Rubyredgirl says:

    Best bet is not to sigh up at all. Once you cancel, this company keeps charging your credit card anyways and refuses to remove the charge. They have shady business practices. I ended up having to go to my credit card company for a charge back. Had I known I would have this much trouble with Siruis, I NEVER EVER would have signd up with them in the first place.

    Tip: If they offer you 3 months free after you cancel, DON’T TAKE IT. When the three months are over they will start charging you again and claim you knew.

  17. wackydan says:

    Yay…I didn’t know I couldn’t do this before. Wife’s car has XM… My new truck is coming with Sirius… I just assumed I’d get the typical 2nd radio discount rate. Thank you Consumerist!

  18. nancy says:

    I have been asking about this ever since we bought a new car almost two years ago. We already had 2 Sirius radios and the car had XM. When I called, the rep first told me that we were already getting a discount for multiple radios on our Sirius account. I told her that I had received and email and was told that we could now get a multi-platform discount for having both. She put me on hold for quite a while, but then came back and said yes we could get a discount on our XM account. We had to switch from quarterly payments to an annual payment and ended up saving $55 a year. Even if you pay for a full year, they will refund the balance if you cancel before the year is up.
    This is good, but I still don’t understand why they don’t set it up for all the radios to be under one account and offer a simple mult-radio subscription such as a flat rate for up to 5 radios. And it should also included internet listening. That was always free before they merged with XM. Now they want $3 a month. Their reasoning was that now you can access it from so many different devices….what? You can only use the login on one computer or device at a time. I refuse to pay for it, there is free internet radio available. You have to put up with commercials, but at least it’s free.