TripAdvisor Gives Up On "Dirtiest Hotels In America" List

Well, this is depressing. Travel review site TripAdvisor has chosen to abandon the genius idea of releasing a “Dirtiest Hotels in America” list. Why? They want to “focus on the positive.” What the hell? Who wants to read about a bunch of clean hotels full of happy people? Bah humbug!

“We want to stay more on the positive side, so we’ll continue to feature the best destinations, the top hotels,” said Stephen Kaufer, the chief executive. “We’re slicing and dicing the ‘best of’ in different ways this year, more than focusing on the negative.”

You know, there’s something to be said for focusing on the negative. At least we at Consumerist tend to think so.

Hey, remember in 2009 when the winner was a hotel that was known for finding a dead body under the bed? Hey, at least they found it! See, we focused on the positive right there. Good times!

TripAdvisor Abandons List of Dirtiest Hotels [NYT]

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