Behold The Nastiest, Foulest Hotel In America

Is this the dirtiest, foulest hotel in America? The voters on think so, and the rating doesn’t seem to have come as a shock to the management of the hotel — the manager told NY1, “because they are a one star hotel, they have one star standards of cleanliness.” Well, ew.

What sort of crimes against hygeine are we talking about here? Well, according to the comments on TripAdviser, prepare yourself for “mice, roaches, Bed Bugs and crack heads all living at this Hell Hole! The hotel itself smells and is filthy from the disgusting bedspread to the filthy bathroom.” And there are also “outlets that hang out of walls” and “Built up hair clogged shower drains.” All this for only $122 a night.

Before you decide that you can tolerate all of that — we should warn you about the dead body under the bed.

Hey, at least you can still get that authentic New York City experience in Times Square.

Times Square Hotel is Dirtiest in the Nation! [Gothamist]

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