Tips To Sell Your Home During Cold Months

It’s tough enough to sell a home when the weather is cooperating, and more difficult still when the cold keeps prospective buyers withdrawn and sluggish. But no matter what factors are stacked against sellers, some will find a way to get rid of their homes.

MSN offers tips that may separate successful sellers from those whose homes remain on the market for months. Here’s a sampling:

* Sell low. Buyers tend to look for bargains during the winter, so if you don’t price your home accordingly you’re probably wasting your time. If you price your home too high, you’re inviting unproductive haggling from people not willing to pay a fair price, as well as scaring off others.

* Advertise your home the way it looks during nice weather. No one wants to picture themselves snowed in. Also, dead branches and scattered leaves can make a nice yard look like a dump. Use attractive, cheery pictures of your home to send out a more positive image.

* Use extra lighting inside. The lack of sunlight during dreary months can make interior shots seem drab. Up your wattage to make things look brighter and more joyful.

5 tips to ensure your home sells in the winter [MSN]

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