If CVS Sells You Something Expired, It's Your Own Damn Fault

Reader Andy noticed this sign in near the breakfast foods in a local CVS. It instructs customers to check the expiration dates of the items they choose before taking them up to the cash register. It’s an innovative idea: maybe they’re aiming to crowdsource stock rotation.

Andy writes:

As evidenced by this shelf-hanging sign, CVS has deputized its customers to monitor the freshness and safety of its products.


Whereas inventory planning and management were formerly the responsibility of store clerks or suppliers, customers are now advised to “immediately notify” a CVS employee if they find an expired product.

No word yet as to whether customers will be taught stock rotation, or given the opportunity to do medication consults.

See? Yesterday’s post about Mike, who is out $106.95 because CVS sold him a prepaid Visa card that was already expired, never should have happened. It was Mike’s responsibility to make sure the card wasn’t expired, not the store’s.

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