TiVo Twists AT&T's Arm, Gets It To Cough Up $215 Million Patent Settlement

If TiVo is in the news in these days of its irrelevance, it’s usually because it’s won another massive settlement dispute with a company it accused of ripping off its tech. After getting $500 million from Dish Network last year, TiVo has now shaken down AT&T for $215 million.

Engadget reports AT&T cut a patent licensing deal with TiVo that gives it $215 million at a minimum through 2018, with more fees possible if AT&T can draw more U-verse DVR customers. In return, TiVo will drop its legal offensive. In a statement, a TiVo exec says the company will use the money to innovate its products and services.

Since TiVo played such a large part in early adopters’ DVR lives, it’s nice to see the company get what seems to be a fair shake from companies who may have emulated its innovation a tad too closely. It’s tough to imagine TiVo retaking control of the market it once owned, but at least it has a fighting chance.

TiVo, AT&T patent settlement will send at least $215 million TiVo’s way through 2018 [Engadget]

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