Amazon Does Me A Solid, Pays International Shipping Fees & Gives Full Refund

In a world where mega-retailers trying to make a buck anywhere they can will resort to terrible tactics (say it in a movie trailer voice and it sounds cooler), any examples of companies going above and beyond to serve the customer warms the cockles of our very cold and jaded hearts. Michael wrote in to shed light on one such positive experience with Amazon.

Michael was impressed recently with Amazon’s customer service, which not only agreed to take back a defective product he’d purchased in the states, and give him a full refund, but also the way in which they handled the question of international shipping fees in the process.

Take it away, Michael!

I live in northern Ghana, and while back home this Christmas I purchased a micro projector as televisions are very expensive here. Amazon shipped it quickly, and it worked fine when I tested it out back home.

However, as soon as I plugged it in here in Ghana it was not working. The fans came on, and my computer recognized it, but there was no picture.

I was pretty well resigned to the idea that I was just out the $230, but decided to go ahead and contact Amazon anyway to see what my options are. After a short chat with support, Amazon not only agreed to give a full refund, they’re also paying the international shipping charges to get the item back to the states (and I don’t even have the original packaging!).

He adds that he is usually impressed with their customer service, but dubbed this experience as above and beyond, and worthy of a share with you fine folks. Just goes to show that it pays off to try for the resolution you want, even if it is with a super huge company like Amazon.

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