Your $1 Million Bills Are No Good At Walmart, Or Anywhere Else

If you happen to have a $1 million bill handy, you’ll probably want to limit its use to wall display or gags. Trying to use the obviously counterfeit piece of paper to buy stuff will probably get you in trouble with authorities.

According to the AP, police say a 53-year-old North Carolina man whipped out a $1 million bill at Walmart to buy a vacuum, microwave and other stuff totaling $476 at Walmart. When his transaction was denied, the man allegedly insisted it was real, leading to his arrest on suspicion of attempting to obtain property by false pretense, as well as uttering a forged instrument.

For the record, there are no bills in circulation bigger than $100.

Cops: Man tried to use $1M bill at North Carolina Walmart [AP via Boston Herald]

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