Stop Your Trash Can From Stinking Up The House

If you sometimes get a faint whiff of rotting garbage when you step into a friend’s place but don’t notice anything amiss at your own home when you haven’t taken out your trash in a week, you’ve either got a superpowered garbage can or have just become accustomed to the stench. Rest assured that visitors aren’t so lucky.

To help keep your trash can from cursing your home with an unwieldy aroma, Hillbilly Housewife offers tips for taming the smell of your waste:

* Seal the nastiest stuff. If it stinks when you’re ready to throw it away, it will only get worse as they hours and days roll by. Double-bag it and close it up with a rubber band or slip it inside a sealed baggie.

* Use magic powder. Sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of your can to absorb the smells. Just don’t forget it’s there when you’re dumping out your can to avoid spilling it everywhere.

* Scrub your trash can. When the smell sticks around after you’ve removed the offending items, it’s time to clean the can itself. Take it outside, then pour in a gallon of water and two cups of bleach before scrubbing the insides.

How To Keep Your Trash Can From Smelling [Hillbilly Housewife]

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