Turns Out Hair Of The Dog Might Not Lessen A Hangover's Bite

Put down that day-after-the-night-you-drank-too-much beer — it turns out hair of the dog probably won’t make your hangover any better, and in fact might just increase the pain. So says a doctor with other tips to avoid feeling miserable on New Year’s Day (and any other day, for that matter).

Family physician Dr. Aaron Michelfelder of the Loyola University Health System tells UPI that instead of reaching for the booze the next day, which he says doesn’t help, avoid hangovers while you’re in the process of imbibing.

He advises that men drink a maximum of five drinks and women a max of three in a three-hour period, and drink water every other drink. Common sense! An anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen can help, as well as a Vitamin B supplement.

Eat before you drink, as alcohol is absorbed by food, but not afterward in a late-night pizza binge. And if you do wake up feeling kinda okay, the doc says to drink lots of water and engage in “vigorous exercise” to get your blood circulating through those wounded kidneys and liver. Coffee and alcohol don’t help in that area, so skip those liquids if you can.

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