All It Took To Convince Bank Of America To Finally Close On A Mortgage Loan Was A Music Video

Next time your bank is being stubborn over closing on a mortgage loan, perhaps consider doing a little song and dance — it worked for one couple battling with Bank of America. Well, that and a really good credit rating of 798.

Ken and Meredith launched a social media campaign that included a music video and blog to appeal to Bank of America. BOA was dragging its feet over a $203,000 mortgage loan that they were told would be a done deal on Oct. 31, says AOL Real Estate.

But alas, BOA didn’t feel like moving too quickly, and kept delaying approval on the loan. The Georgia homeowners launched a blog called Close Our Loan to tell the world about the delays, as well as the $50 a day they were being charged by the sellers of the home they were in the process of buying.

Ken and Meredith’s Dec. 11 YouTube ditty, coupled with appeals to BOA on Twitter and using their friends to help with the social media onslaught, eventually paid off on Dec. 16 when the bank closed on the loan and agreed to pay the late fees charged by the seller.

One gem of a lyric from the song that we’re sure BOA loved: “Don’t let anybody tell you you’re too big to fail/Cause you belong in jail.”

“The Williams’ loan closed December 16. We apologize for the delay in closing, and for the inconvenience, we provided a credit at closing,” Bank of America conveyed in a statement to AOL Real Estate.

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