3 Hidden Tricks For iPhones And iPads

If you’re a new owner of an iPad or iPhone, you’ve likely been bombarded by Apple cult members who are commanding you to download this and try that with your device. Or maybe you’re the only member of your social circle who has gone Apple and are flailing around without much of an idea of how to use your new toy.

TechCrunch is here to suggest less-than-obvious tricks to get the most out of your istuff:

* Access the App Switcher. If you want to exit one app and choose another, you can speed the process by double-tapping the home button, which presents a list of your most-used apps.

* Check out notifications. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull up unread messages and alerts from various applications.

* Get to the camera immediately. When something cool happens and you need to take a quick photo, it can be a hassle to switch your device to the camera setting. From the locked setting, double-tapping the home button makes a camera icon pop up, letting you shoot from the hip.

Follow the source link for the rest of the tips.

5 Simple (But Hidden!) Tricks All The New iPhone/iPad Owners Should Know [TechCrunch]

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