Gap & Netflix Customers Weren't Happy With Them This Holiday Season

Tis the season to get mad at companies for not living up to our standards! Netflix, and Gap were just a few of the holiday disappointments this year in the realm of online shopping, according to a new survey of consumers.

Reuters says that out of 40 of the largest online retailers, came in dead last with a rating of 72 out of 100 in a survey by ForSee. was second to last with 73, and Netflix saw the biggest decline in customer satisfaction.

Netflix’s dive, from 86 to 79, is likely due to their decision earlier this year to split its online streaming services and DVD by mail operation and charge higher prices. That plan, including a renaming of the mailed DVDs to Qwikster, flopped.

“Netflix totally misread its customer base and is paying the price, damaging its brand among both consumers and investors,” said Larry Freed, chief executive officer of ForSee.

So who did the best, according to those surveyed? For the 14th consecutive time, topped shoppers’ lists with 88 points this time around, two up from the last survey.

Netflix, Gap lag in customer in customer satisfaction online [Reuters]

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