Before You Return Gifts, Check Out Return Policy Tweaks

Retailers are always tweaking their return policies, weighing the delicate balance between protecting their bottom lines and treating customers with fairness. No two return policies ever seem to be the same, and even if they are, changes come along soon enough to differentiate them once again.

Consumer World rounds up return policy adjustments from several different stores. Here are some highlights (bear in mind that policies can vary in different regions):

* Target has now cut computer hardware returns to 45 days from 90 and dropped its restocking fee, as has Best Buy.

* Sears now only accepts computers returned within 30 days, rather than 60.

* Walmart is only accepting cameras returned within 15 days of purchase instead of 30. Purchases after Nov. 1 fall under its more lenient holiday return policy.
* Sports Authority does not accept returns of items bought online.

Be sure to check with your specific location before hauling in items to be returned. Bring receipts whenever possible, and if you know you’re going to return a gift as soon as you get it, don’t open the box.

Some Retailers Naughty, Most Nice [Consumer World]

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