Consumerist Reader Resolves Sprint iPhone 4S Issue After Almost Two Months

Readers know that we are huge fans of happy resolutions here at Consumerist, so even if it takes two posts and almost as many months, we are pleased to hand out props where they are due. David’s trials and tribulations involving a Sprint iPhone 4S with slow data speeds was first posted on this very site on Oct. 31. And now, he reports, all’s well that ends well.

Not only did Sprint contact us to try and make things right with David, even fellow Consumerist readers wrote in offering to buy his unwanted phone off of him if they wouldn’t take it back.

After one hiccup and a follow-up post, David updated us one last time today to say that the case of the slow phone has finally come to an end.

Just wanted to give you one last update now that everything is complete (and the reimbursement cleared). Kathleen O. put me in touch with a friend of hers named Will in the Escalation Services Department. He immediately asked me what I wanted to do and said he would be willing to accept the return with no ETF. He said they could try working to see if they could improve my data speeds, and so I agreed to give them a week or so to improve my speeds (partly just to show them that I was willing to work with them).

As expected, the speeds did not improve, so he allowed me to return the phone. I was worried that there would be additional problems in the billing department, but everything went smoothly, and I got all my money credited back and am now getting a refund check in the mail.

What can we learn from David’s situation? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again — or really, keep at it until the company feels they have no choice but to do the right thing and help you out. And if that doesn’t work, let us know.

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  1. ThinkingBrian says:

    Well congrats to the OP.

    But I do have to say that while I don’t know much about the data speeds, I do remember this OP and his two posts outlining his issues with Sprint. This was the OP that didn’t do his homework and check on the 14 day return policy before he bought the phone and as such while Sprint could have accepted the iPhone 4S in good faith, they didn’t have to as he was outside of the 14 day return policy window.

    I believe in this case, we should give the OP a congrats as well as Sprint a big thank you for accepting the return outside its return window. Glad to see Sprint gave the OP a break and accepted it in good faith.

    Lesson learned, check the return policy on the website you plan to buy from before you place a purchase just in case you have to return the product, this could have saved him a lot of time and backlash.

    • shanelee24 says:

      This. I think it is awesome of Sprint for reaching out and working for a resolution, but the OP had a clearly stated window of time to get this resolved without any of this mess. Know your return options before you buy a product, and use that time to make sure the device fits your needs. This has been the way things are for too long now to really be a surprise for anyone at this point.

  2. Dr. Ned - This underwear is Sofa King Comfortable! says:


  3. bdcw says:

    Fortunately, I was able to return my Sprint iPhone 4s after 10 days of NO DATA AT ALL.

    And after an hour on the phone, got all but $97 returned.