Get A Cold Beer With Your Crave Case At White Castle Indiana Location

Instead of stumbling in to White Castle to get a Crave Case after a night on the town, White Castle could be your night on the town. The steamed burger chain is testing out sales of beer and wine at one location in Indiana.

The Associated Press says the 90-year-old company is trying the booze shilling at a location in Lafayette, Ind., that combines a traditional White Castle burger joint with a Blaze Modern BBQ.

Consumerist reported on that barbecue venture earlier, along with White Castle’s forays into the noodle slinging business.

At the Indiana location, a glass of wine goes for $4.50 and domestic beer for $3.

White Castle spokesman Jamie Richardson tells The Columbus Dispatch that feedback from consumers has been better than expected. But he says the company hasn’t decided whether to expand alcohol sales or the new concepts.

*Thanks to super tipster Harper for the tip!

White Castle Chain Considers Alcohol Sales [Associated Press]


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  1. mauispiderweb says:

    Vodka or GTFO!

  2. comedian says:


    They should start selling cigarettes too!

  3. crispyduck13 says:

    Yeah, this is what Indiana needs – booze at White Castle. At least the cops can have a delicious burger while waiting for the fun to start every night.

  4. Coffee says:

    As long as they don’t notice me with my hip flask full of Jack Daniels, they’re free to sell whatever beer they want.

    • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

      I like to put a tab of acid in each burger, for a special surprise. (Especially when you’re picking up a lunch order for your co-workers!)

  5. TinaBringMeTheAx says:

    White Castle was the first fast food I ever had as a child: $.10 for a hamburger, $.12 for a cheeseburger.

    I would absolutely love to be able to have a beer with my sliders; please come to NYC!

  6. rpm773 says:

    For the times in college I actually remember being at the White Castle out there on the east side of Lafayette, I sure as shit didn’t need any more booze me.

  7. missy070203 says:

    Herald and Kumar are going to love this!

  8. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    This could only be better if the beer they were serving was Falls City.

  9. WeaponX2099 says:

    Just imagine how much they could kill it if they charged for the bathroom. Beer & Their burgers. Millions a night.

  10. eirrom says:

    Been here. It’s a very nice White Castle, very futuristic. Didn’t buy any beer or wine but did have some of the BBQ. The sauce is pretty good but I just love the sliders more!

  11. Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:


  12. theotherwhitemeet says:

    I went to a concert in Columbus OH, and the bar right next to the venue had a White Castle inside. I wish I could remember the name of that place.

  13. gman863 says:

    If McDonald’s steals this idea, it will give a whole new meaning to “Happy Meal”.

  14. SteveHolt says:

    Hell in a handbasket!

    Now if they would only serve food that gave me food poisoning less than 25% of the time (I’d be ok with 5-10%) then I’d be set.

  15. surreal estate says:

    It’s a college town, home of Purdue and a nursing school as well. When I went there, the nearest White Castle was 90 minutes away, so I bet they do pretty good business even without the beer.