Reasons To Retire To A Foreign Country

Maybe you’ve always seen yourself running out the clock in Scottsdale or Miami, but if you want to make your retirement dollar stretch, you may want to expand your horizons. Some foreign countries cater to retirees with friendly tax rates and low cost of living, making them attractive alternatives to American retirement havens.

GoBankingRates says some countries, such as Portugal, offer 10-year income tax exemptions for foreigners moving to the country, drawing in retirees who would like to start a second career.

Developing countries such as Ecuador and Thailand offer obscenely low overhead, letting modest retirement budgets buy more luxury. The post also suggests the possibility of an early retirement, speaking to a world traveler who hops the globe on volunteer assignments and house-sitting gigs while bringing in money via freelance writing.

Save Money by Retiring Abroad: How to Retire Overseas for Less [GoBankingRates]