Perhaps This FedEx Delivery Man Is Preparing For A Monitor-Throwing Contest

A soft touch should be a job requirement for package delivery personnel, because recently it seems like we’re seeing way too many lobbed and otherwise mistreated boxes. In this new video, a surveillance camera catches a FedEx delivery guy chucking a computer monitor over a fence.

YouTube user goobie55 describes the event thusly: “Here is a video of my monitor being ‘delivered.’ The sad part is that I was home at the time with the front door wide open. All he would have had to do was ring the bell on the gate. Now I have to return my monitor since it is broken.”

Even with the chance of being caught on camera, it’s sad to see delivery folk opting to throw, toss or otherwise loft boxes into the air, to the detriment of the customer. Just abit earlier today, we had another example of airborne delivery, with a FedEx package ending up on a balcony.

While we’re on topic, let’s take a walk down memory lane with another instance of a delivery dude, this time for UPS, being caught on camera chucking a box.

Watch below as FedEx man doesn’t hesitate for a moment in hoisting the monitor over the fence. In fact, he starts his approach to the throw a few steps before he reaches the point of launch.

FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor [YouTube]


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  1. dwasifar says:

    Um, wouldn’t it have been easier to leave the gate open than to set up a camera to bust the FedEx guy?

    • Lyn Torden says:

      I think the camera was to catch the UPS guy.

    • eturowski says:

      It’s probably a security camera… then when the OP realized their busted monitor was left in close proximity to the camera, they checked the recording and found the lazy delivery guy caught in the act.

    • tbax929 says:

      I didn’t think this story could possibly have a blame the OP post. I’ve underestimated the ability some folks have to always blame the OPs.

    • humphrmi says:

      Yeah, and maybe he also should have made tea and crumpets for the guy.

      What a bunch of hogwash. It’s his job to deliver packages unbroken, all he has to do is ring the bell on the gate.

      • somedave says:

        I’m glad with my secured apartment they’d have had to smash a window to pull something like this. It also helped I had a good FedEx guy, a good UPS guy, and good mailman.

    • Costner says:

      First, it is obvious based upon the resolution of that camera it is in place to monitor who pulls up to the gate. Second, security gates are by definition meant for security. If you leave it open for the FedEx guy… it is open for everyone else as well.

      Third, how can you POSSIBLY blame the OP for a FedEx guy tossing a fragile item over a fence and not even bothering to push a button to inquire as to the location of the homeowner?

      • HalOfBorg says:

        Unless there is more video out there, we don’t know if he did try the buzzer/intercom.

        Ignore me if there IS more I should have noticed.

        • little stripes says:

          Um, the video shows him walking from the van, to the gate, and then tossing the item over the gate without ringing any buzz. There isn’t additional video because this is all that happened.

          • dwasifar says:

            You were there? Then why didn’t you stop him?

            • little stripes says:

              You have issues, man. Serious issues.

              • johnny_ryall says:

                attention starved idiots will continue being attention starved idiots until they are ignored – dwasifar almost makes a good point about leaving the gate open once you see the “out for delivery” status on, but shit the bed with the rest of his banter…also, if i’m paranoid enough to spend over $1,000 (not even guessing how much this fence/security/camera/buzzer rig might cost), damn right i’m gonna use that shit 24/7, fedex or no fedex

                • little stripes says:

                  He doesn’t make a good point, because if he left the gate open, he’d have to close his front door (unless you advocate he leave both the gate AND door wide open, possibly all day long, and I’m sure you don’t) — which means the FedEx guy would have *still* have had to ring a bell or knock on a door. Something I doubt he would have done. So, no, there is no good point. The OP had no obligation to leave any gate or door open, but the FedEx guy had an obligation to DO HIS JOB.

      • dwasifar says:

        I’m not blaming the OP. The driver was negligent.

        But if the guy was home, as he says, and it was broad daylight, as the video clearly shows, then I really don’t think he’d be risking hearth and home by leaving the gate open for the FedEx guy.

        I mean, yeah, the driver was negligent, but I think these replies warning that “If you leave the gate open you’ll have NO SECURITY!!” are a little over the top. Wow, the gate is open for everyone else as well! And they might, I don’t know, stand on the doorstep, and maybe even ring the doorbell! Oh, horrors! No good can come of that, I assure you!

        I assume the house has doors, and windows, and locks on them. It’s not like it’s the zombie apocalypse out there. Most of us have no gates at all and do just fine.

        It’s the driver’s fault. Fine. I get that. But it wouldn’t have hurt anything to leave the gate open for him. Just saying.

        • 5seconds says:

          For him? For the 8-12 hour window that the FedEx guy MIGHT show up? Hopefully that day? If you want to leave the gate open for him, you might just have to leave that gate open for days at a time for the 30 seconds that he will actually be there.

          Or you could, you know, believe that he would act like a human being and ring the bell and not throw a box over the fence and into the front lawn.

          • dwasifar says:

            “you might just have to leave that gate open for days at a time for the 30 seconds that he will actually be there.”

            Ho-hum, more hyperbole. You’ll have no security! Someone might walk into your yard! You’ll have to leave the gate open for days!

            Yawn. Give it a rest.

            Anyone who can order a piece of computer hardware online can also check the tracking online and know when something is out for delivery. You don’t have to leave the gate open “for days.” Not that it would be the end of the world if this guy did. He clearly didn’t put in those gates because he lives in a high crime neighborhood.

            Here’s a story. I live in a fairly new neighborhood that was quite the upcoming Place To Be in this town before the real estate crash. Shortly after I first moved in here, about five years ago, a couple of people got their mailboxes vandalized. This happens; you fix it and move on. What happened next was that half of my suburban-wannabe-yuppie neighbors got together to pester the homeowner’s association to make it a gated neighborhood. This would have cost enough to replace everyone’s mailboxes yearly. If I had known I was moving in next to a bunch of paranoid snobs, I’d probably not have built this house.

            So, again: yeah, it’s the driver’s fault. But I don’t share the paranoia that says My Yard Must Be Gated At All Times To Keep Out The Riff-Raff. Talk about first world problems.

            • little stripes says:

              Wow. Just … wow.

            • little stripes says:

              “Anyone who can order a piece of computer hardware online can also check the tracking online and know when something is out for delivery”

              Also, you do realize that just because something is “out for delivery” it doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily be delivered right away, right? It will be placed on “out for delivery” status when it gets into the delivery truck, but it could take ALL DAY before it’s actually delivered. So, according to you, this guy should have his door AND gate open all day long, just so a lazy FedEx guy doesn’t have to push a buzzer. Is that correct?

              Seriously, dude. Let it go. You just look crazy right now.

              The OP did NOTHING AT ALL WRONG.

              • dwasifar says:

                “Seriously, dude. Let it go. You just look crazy right now.”

                …says the man who has so far posted nine replies to my seven.

                “The OP did NOTHING AT ALL WRONG.”

                I completely agree. And yet, it’s possible to do nothing at all wrong, yet still find that there is a better course of action available.

                • little stripes says:

                  There was no better course of action. He left the door open, but closed the gate. He only had two other options: Close both gate and door, or close the door and leave the gate open. ANY option would have required the FedEx guy to knock or ring a bell, something he was clearly too lazy to do. Unless you’re “better option” is to leave door AND gate open, in which case … no. Just no.

                  • little stripes says:

                    Because you’re clearly the type of troll to point out typos: Yes, I know the difference between you’re/your.

                  • dwasifar says:

                    Have you never had anything delivered by FedEx? Unless they need a signature, they leave it on the porch and go. They might ring the bell, they might not. Thus, gate open = no wait.

                    No, I don’t work for FedEx. But I have done some consulting for a competing company, and you have no idea the amount of time pressure these guys are under. Their routes are planned out for them stop by stop, their movement is tracked by GPS to prevent them from deviating from the assigned route, and they have a set amount of time to complete the deliveries. Standing around for a few minutes waiting is a big deal to them. They’re not just being impatient dicks of their own accord; the job pressures force it on them.

                    Since this is a reply to you, I will again include the now-customary statement that this driver is at fault. I’m not defending the driver. I’m not defending the driver. I’m not defending the driver. I’m not defending the driver. I’m not defending the driver. What I am saying is, they’re in a hurry and it might make things go more smoothly if you cut them a break by removing impediments in their way, like gates. You’re not doing anything wrong if you don’t, but you might help yourself if you do.

                    • little stripes says:

                      Soooo, what you’re saying is that this guy should have left his front door AND gate wide open? Is that what you’re saying? Because you keep ignoring the fact that he left his door open, but the gate closed. Your point still makes no sense, unless you’re advocating that he leave both gate and door open.

                      Also, the main complaint is that the FedEx guy not only didn’t knock or ring a bell (which he should have done, no matter your excuses), but rather he tossed a fragile item up in the air and broke it.

                      The driver is 100% at fault, and the OP did nothing wrong. Stop harping.

                    • dwasifar says:

                      (sigh) No, I was advocating he leave the gate open and the door closed. The driver could have then walked up to the doorstep, placed the box on it, rung the doorbell, and left without delay. I do not, and have never, said that the driver was justified in throwing the box over the fence; I seriously do not know where you continue to get that.

                      But, if you scroll up, you will see that I have already conceded the point to Costner, who makes the sensible observation that the gates could be there to control pets and children. I had not considered this – probably because I have no pets or children living with me – and therefore I withdraw. Costner’s point is correct and I was wrong to pursue the issue.

                    • little stripes says:

                      Even if you don’t have children or pets, you shouldn’t have to leave your home or apartment wide open just to receive packages. And that is still your argument. Even if you live alone, you shouldn’t have to leave doors open to receive packages.

                    • dwasifar says:

                      Are you even reading before replying any more?

                      1) I conceded the argument.

                      2) DOOR. SHOULD. BE. CLOSED. Fed Ex leaves on doorstep, rings bell, goes away.

                      Sheesh. And you say I’m acting crazy.

                    • JennQPublic says:

                      Good grief, he conceded the point ages ago, and yet you are still hounding him about it. You must be so much fun to be in a relationship with!

                • Costner says:

                  Just stop. You are off base. Everyone else sees it… let it go already.

                  The issue is not whether he should have or could have opened the gate. You know nothing about the area, the reason a gate exists in the first place, whether or not he has pets that are controlled behind the gate, whether he has small children he is attempting to prevent from wandering, whether he has a problem with door to door salesman or other uninvited guests.

                  You are attempting to point out errors in the OP’s judgement without knowing any of the above, and time after time you continue to repeat the same illogical conclusion. Let it go man…. move on.

                  • dwasifar says:

                    “You know nothing about the area, the reason a gate exists in the first place, whether or not he has pets that are controlled behind the gate, whether he has small children he is attempting to prevent from wandering, whether he has a problem with door to door salesman or other uninvited guests.”

                    Pets and small children.

                    Okay, I can see that. I withdraw.

                    • little stripes says:

                      LOL, wow. You really lack at critical thinking skills if you think leaving both gate and door wide open is okay. I am a woman living alone and I’d rather not make it possible for strangers to just waltz into my apartment by leaving my door (and screen door) wide open. You’re probably the same type of fella that would say I was askin’ for it, if I left both gate and door open waiting for a package, and someone came in and attacked me or stole my stuff.

                      You cannot under good conscious tell someone to just leave their gate and door open so that anyone can waltz in.

                    • dwasifar says:

                      I never did suggest that. That came from you. Please scroll down to see why it is not necessary to leave the door open to avoid delaying the driver.

                      I have to ask one final thing though. Your reply is to a post in which I have CONCEDED THE ARGUMENT. Why are you still arguing?

                    • regis-s says:

                      Because some people just have to get the last word in?

            • n0th1ng says:

              You are a complete retard. “out on truck for delivery” could be anytime in the entire day. I have had packages out on the truck for delivery at 5am get delivered at 6pm. Businesses get delivered first, along with FFO packages (First Overnight) then everything else has a lower priority. Couriers deliver packages for 12-14 hours a day. Stop defending this guy, there was no excuse.

        • little stripes says:

          You are the one over-reacting. Hilarious.

          The FedEx guy is at fault here. The OP did nothing wrong. Nothing. Stop digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole.

        • little stripes says:

          Soooo, even though the door was already wide open (as stated in the article), he should also leave the gate open, so that anyone can walk in?

          And remember, FedEx can delivery any time during the day, until quite late at night. Should he have left his door AND gate open all day and possibly into the evening just so the lazy FedEx guy wouldn’t have to push a freakin’ button?

        • Costner says:

          Do you always know when the FedEx guy is coming to your house? Heck for most of my deliveries I can’t even tell you what day it will show up not to mention the hour.

          I’m not sitting in front of a computer all day watching tracking numbers… but maybe some people do that. Maybe the OP would have done it too…. but something tells me he needs a MONITOR.

          • OttersArePlentiful says:

            Good point… mine shows up anytime between noon and 7PM, so I have no idea when to expect him.

            • racermd says:

              The UPS/FedEx/etc. drivers in my area must have networked spies in my neighborhood. When I take time off of work to wait for a valuable delivery, they will wait until I cannot look at my front door for more than 30 seconds to put their attempted delivery sticker on it. It’s like they’re lurking around the block just waiting for me to move away from my front window.

              At least, that’s how it USED to be. For the last year or so, they’ve been dropping most packages, even the signature required ones, on my front step and bolting. I’m not raising too much of a fuss over it because it’s a nice quiet suburban neighborhood. My street is exactly one block long (there’s a “T” intersection at both ends) so unusual cars or people are easily spotted. And, lastly, I, too, have a webcam positioned near my front door in case something DOES happen.

              Lastly, I’m perfectly cool with the guy leaving his gate closed. The driver absolutely should have buzzed. It’s just a shame he got lazy and could easily be fired for it.

    • Damocles57 says:

      You do understand that the camera, and the gate, and the buzzer, and the intercom box visible in the video are all part of an integrated security system that was installed long before the FedEx guy tossed the box?

      And you do understand that leaving a gate open is equivalent to having NO SECURITY?

      • dwasifar says:

        “And you do understand that leaving a gate open is equivalent to having NO SECURITY?”

        Um, actually, no, I don’t. Do people with gates build their houses without locks on the doors?

        • little stripes says:

          Did you read the article? The door was open, the gate closed (this is common with people who have gates who want to get some fresh air into their home). Here, let me copy/paste directly from the very short article above: The sad part is that I was home at the time with the front door wide open. This implies that the gate was closed, but the door open.

          Additionally, do you *honestly* think that the guy placed the camera there just to bust FedEx, or maybe, just maybe, it was already there for security?

          • dwasifar says:

            Oh, I see. Well, that’s totally different. Obviously there are no other ways of getting fresh air into a house than to leave the door open. This must be why people without gates routinely suffocate in their homes for lack of oxygen after foolishly closing the front door.

            • little stripes says:

              Holy shit, you are fucking crazy for sticking to your guns on this. The OP did nothing at all wrong. He could leave his gate and door open … or he could have had both of them closed. It doesn’t matter, because there is a buzzer there just for visiters and deliveries, and the FedEx guy should have pushed that button to make his presence known. But he didn’t, because he was lazy. Instead, he broke the OP’s monitor. The FedEx guy is at fault, not the OP, and you are completely nuts.

              Or, you work for FedEx. I haven’t been able to determine which.

              • dwasifar says:

                Gee, stripes, how many times do I have to acknowledge that the driver is at fault before you notice it? I think I’ve said so four times in this thread already. Maybe YOU need a new monitor.

                All I’m saying – and please try to stretch your understanding enough to allow this, for once – is that EVEN THOUGH IT IS THE DRIVER’S FAULT (see, there it is again, in capitals, in case you can read those better), still it would have been smarter to leave the gate open if you were expecting a delivery. All the remaining crap about how horrible a risk that would be is just paranoid crap. Fine, it’s not the OP’s responsibility to anticipate that the driver might make a dick move like we saw here; but how about if the OP would have a little consideration for a busy driver at xmastime and not make him wait while you come to the door and open the gate? Is it really too much?

                • little stripes says:

                  Serious issues, dude.

                • little stripes says:

                  ” but how about if the OP would have a little consideration for a busy driver at xmastime and not make him wait while you come to the door and open the gate? Is it really too much?”

                  And you know, this makes NO SENSE at all, because he already had his front door wide open, which was probably very obvious to anyone who looked through the gate. The OP probably left the gate closed, and the front door open, so that he would be better able to see outside (since you can generally see through gates, but not doors).

                  So you’re either suggesting he open the gate and close the door, in which case the driver still has to ring a bell or knock on the door, or leave both the door AND gate open, so anyone can just waltz in at any time.

                  The more you yap, the more clear it is becoming to me that you’re just arguing to argue. Please step away from the computer before your head implodes.

                • td45 says:

                  we are not allowed to leave our gate open per our homeowners association because we have a pool and a child could wander in our yard and drown in the pool. we keep our gate closed at all times.

                • cajuncutie01 says:

                  You must live in a poor neighborhood. It’s not that simple in a decent community. You don’t leave your gates open ghetto style hahaha.

                • shufflemoomin says:

                  You’re right. They should have left the gate open if they were expecting a delivery. We all know how much of a barrier a gate is to a delivery person. If only gates could be opened or someone had invented some sort of buzzer system, then we wouldn’t have these issues. Wait…

              • Snoofin says:

                Or he could live in a normal house like everyone else instead of living in his fancy million dollar gated home that his overpriveledged ass inconvenienced the Fed Ex guy by making him jump through hoops to deliver a simple package. Delivery people are under huge time constraints this time of year as they deliver all of your first world trinkets and bobbles

            • little stripes says:

              And it’s interesting that you keep ignoring the fact that it is clearly a security camera, and not a camera placed there just to catch a lazy FedEx guy. You’re attempt to distract us away from your clear stupidity is cute, but it’s not working.

    • ClemsonEE says:

      I think we all fed dwasifar, the obvious troll, enough. That, or he’s an OWS person hating on the 1%’ers who have gates at their house…which would still make him an obvious troll.

    • j2.718ff says:

      It’s not uncommon for gates to be designed to close on their own, thus it actually could take some amount of effort to keep it open.

    • Jawaka says:

      That would seem to defeat the purpose of a security game.

    • jefeloco says:

      Unholy crap! you are a well fed troll.

      To everyone else: Did you not see how quick he/she/it was to jump to his/her/its defense to just about every single reply? How he/she/it basically claimed “I’m not but the OP, but here, let me blame the OP since I got that out of the way”.

      As soon as the comment submits and the page reloads I am going to close this page and never revisit it, or purposefully reply to anything dwasifar says. Happy holidays!

    • smo0 says:

      I’d also like to see if FedEx replies to this and “takes the matter very seriously.”

      I also make my own packages at home.

  2. Nobody can say "Teehee" with a straight face says:

    At first I tried to rationalize it by thinking it was in a brown box, and maybe he thought it was linens or something.

    But then I clicked on the video and saw that there was no way it could have been seen as anything BUT electronics. That’s so pathetic.

  3. tbax929 says:

    I hate to see people lose their jobs, but that guy should be fired.

    • Firevine says:

      Maybe someone who actually cares about having a job can replace him.

      • benminer says:

        Fedex gets untold numbers of applications every day from people who would love to work for them. Why does this doofus still have a job?

        • Applekid ‚îÄ‚îÄ‚î¨ Ôªø„Éé( „Çú-„Çú„Éé) says:

          Bingo. I know at least half a dozen people who would happily do his job (and do it correctly) just to get a paycheck.

          I know it’s busy season for these guys but they really scrape the bottom of the barrel for the temp workers, don’t they?

    • MonkeyMonk says:

      Considering the amount of press this story has already gotten I’d be surprised if he still works there.

    • Lyn Torden says:

      I love to see people get a new job. Firing this guy makes an opening for someone that might actually care.

    • Broke_Daddy says:

      Never happen. They’re unionized.

  4. Costner says:

    Ok that driver is a moron. The box CLEARLY indicated what was in it, and based upon how he is carrying it you know the weight is substantial enough to suggest damage if handled improperly.

    I’d call the nearest FedEx customer service center and demand they replace this on their dime – including picking up the damaged one and hand delivering the new replacement. The manufacturer or vendor shouldn’t have to eat the loss on this since it is clearly the fault of one person. This is idiotic and the driver should be written up for blatant package abuse.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Written up? These drivers need to be fired.

      • Costner says:

        I’m not willing to send someone to the unemployment line for one infraction if he doesn’t have a history of this type of thing. I don’t know the guy, I don’t know his work history or his situation. I don’t know anything about him, but I would hate to ruin his career over a $130 computer monitor.

        For all I know he has a loved one undergoing cancer treatment today and he can’t be there because he has no vacation days. Maybe he just found out his daughter is being bullied at school but can’t get the school to respond. Perhaps he is being forced to work overtime and he knows unless he gets moving he will still be on his route 10 hours from now. Or maybe he is just a jerk who doesn’t care.

        The fact is – we don’t know. I’m not trying to excuse him, and I do think he should be held accountable for his actions… but firing him seems harsh if this is an isolated case. I know I’ve made mistakes at my job too – sometimes I even knew I was doing something stupid when I did it – and I’m sure some of those mistakes cost my employer more than the cost of a computer monitor. Not everything warrants termination of employment… people do deserve a second chance.

        • shepd says:

          Thumbs the eff up. At least he delivered the thing–there’s plenty of drivers who wouldn’t have bothered.

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          I’m taking the assumption this is common for him.

        • billin says:

          Pssh. You people, with your empathy, clear thinking, and compassion for your fellow man. What is this, the Dark Ages of the early Internet?

        • Jane_Gage says:

          This wasn’t a mistake, there’s willing negligence and malice behind it.

        • alexmmr says:

          Oh you’ve got to be kidding! There’s no hesitation, no “hmmm, how do I get this there?”, nothing. This is obviously standard delivery practice for him whenever there’s anything like a gate to impede his progress. He could have just as easily reached over and set it on the other side of the gate if he cared AT ALL about the quality of his work. It’s this “we don’t know his story” attitude that rewards mediocrity and sub par performance on a daily basis and why we all now suffer from pathetic customer service every day.

        • NoFriggingWay says:

          Well said. Its a week before Christmas , this guy has to be working his a$$ off trying to deliver all the overnight shipments and still see his family.

        • Sian says:

          Nope, I say it’s terminable.

          EVERY PACKAGE is the golden package. Every. One.

          It could have a $150 monitor, it could have a worthless packing peanut collection, it could have half a million dollars worth of rare wine bottles. The whole POINT of the parcel delivery industry is treating every single package like it’s important.

      • Mollyg says:

        Given the large number of people in this economy who have lost their jobs for no reason, I do not have a problem with someone losing their job because they willingly and knowingly violated a basic company policy.

    • donjumpsuit says:

      As far as making FedEX pay for it, yea right.

      If FEDEX did agree to pay for it, I bet it would take 6 to 8 months and require some heavy forms to fill out and such.

      Returning it with an RMA to the shipper while simultaneously getting a replacement shipped out is more likely. This time open the gate of your compound, for which you could obviously afford more than a $150 monitor. Perhaps have your driver bring you to bestbuy and pay the upcharge to have him carry it through your front door.

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        It’s not that hard for the shipper to file a claim. Also, if there is video evidence of the package being chucked, I bet they would pay up pretty quick.

        But the shipper has to be the one to do it. I imagine they might be cooperative after seeing this. I know I would.

  5. Flik says:

    Swish – nothing but net! Two points! And the crowd goes wild.

  6. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Is it me, or does it appear that the other side of that fence is accessible from the road, so he didn’t even need to toss it over?

  7. samonela says:

    Saw this on your guys’ FB page…seems to me this guy was simply doing the OP a favor and performing several tests in one swoop:

    1) The durability of the box and its contents
    2) Just what exactly are the limits of the word “fragile”
    3) FedEx’s insurance system

    Thank you for your great service kind sir!

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:


      I thought it said “Fraggle”.

      • Applekid ‚îÄ‚îÄ‚î¨ Ôªø„Éé( „Çú-„Çú„Éé) says:

        Hey, they’re dangerous! Gotta make sure it’s really dead

  8. kaptainkk says:

    You live in a ritzy house with a gate like that and you buy a Samsung monitor? Must be nice to be home during the day. Why does the video not start where the Fedex guy getting out of the driver side of the van before he goes to the back?

    • Nobody can say "Teehee" with a straight face says:

      I agree. He seems wealthier than me, so anything negative happening to him is meaningless, and we should deride him.

    • BrightShopperGettingBrighter says:

      I was actually thinking the edit was suspect…. so I gave credit to the delivery guy to imply that he rang the bell and got no answer or he was told to “please put it over the fence”. Even with those two generous assumptions in mind, it still all sorts of wrong.

    • Damocles57 says:

      And why not show endless hours of video before the FedEx van arrived and after it left? Surely the excess of non-relevant information would provide someone with the much needed facts to determine what information is actually pertinent to understanding the primary issue.

    • Costner says:

      Yes – how dare someone have a gate in their front yard and expect deliveries to arrive intact. Plus – everyone knows rich people shouldn’t buy Samsung and there is no excuse for not owning the Apple Cinema display. 30″ should suffice and anything less is unacceptable.

      Plus we know something is fishy because he didn’t give us 40 minutes of footage prior to the part which was actually important. Plus he didn’t show us the 20 minutes of footage afterwards so we could see the monitor picked up, and we didn’t even get to see the unboxing so for all we know the monitor is perfectly fine but he is using this to get a free monitor from FedEx!!!!!

      Oh yea and anyone who is home in the middle of the day clearly doesn’t deserve nice (unbroken) things because they clearly aren’t working hard enough. I bet he is a trust fund baby and just whining because the FedEx guy didn’t bow down to him or wear those little disposable white booties on his shoes before he dared to walk on the homeowner’s sidewalk!

      Everyone knows upper crust ritzy homeowners don’t want to associate with low class delivery drivers so clearly this entire episode is all the fault of the uptight homeowner due to their negative attitude which perpetuates class-warfare and a large division between the monitor haves, and the monitor have-nots.

      Am I right or am I right?


    • humphrmi says:

      I was just thinking, as I was reading, that nobody yet had yelled “He has a security gate! He’s the 1%! Pitchforks and Torches!”. Then, I refreshed, and – viola! – there it was!

    • Jane_Gage says:

      Prob his brood sow at home while he churns securities at his Jupiter Island office.

    • Jawaka says:

      Another thing that the video doesn’t show; the monitor landing and what it landed on.

    • Happy Dad says:

      An entry gate equals “rich?” Please!!!!
      I’ve seen gated neighborhoods in the “hood.” The “hood” is clearly not a “ritzy” area.

      Heck I’ve known people and been to several homes in gated areas and trust me, they weren’t rich.
      One doesn’t have to live in a “ritzy” area to not want hoodlums and derelicts breaking into their homes and fucking up their homes which they work to pay for unlike the scumbags that are in and out of jail.

  9. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:


    Everyone says, “Don’t shop at brick and mortor stores, order online because sales people are underpaid and don’t know the products! The stores will lie to you to make an extra buck!”

    But, now that everyone is ordering online, there are more deliveries going out. Meaning more delivery people, or at least, workers worked harder. This dilutes the pool of employees who care, as well as delivery companies who (due to an influx) either have more business (and care a bit less) or are too overwhelmed to care as much as they should.

    So by skipping brick and mortor stores to avoid bad sales people, those bad workers are now working for delivery companies, making online ordering a less appealing option than it used to be.

  10. Kahlidan says:

    FedEx Ground (Home) sucks, plain and simple. I’ve been ordering things online since the 90’s and they are the only company I’ve had any significant problems with-deliveries to the wrong address, smashed boxes etc. I think the Express and SmartPost services are fine, but their ground option is to be avoided like the plague. The best service I’ve had? A little known company called OnTrac, but they’re regional.

  11. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    Hopefully someone will follow up and let us know what happens to this moron. It begs the question – how many other items did he destroy that day?

  12. Lyn Torden says:

    I would so love to see Fedex get sued for the cost of the monitor, plus legal fees, and for this guy to be fired. UPS would then hire him.

  13. pop top says:

    Seeing how fancy this security setup is, I’m sure the FedEx guy was just doing his part in the proletariat’s struggle against the bourgeois.

  14. MonkeyMonk says:

    FedEx is the pits. My parents have had multiple deliveries from FedEx where they’ve left the packages on the ground directly in front of the garage door. (Can you guess where this is going?). Moms backs out and crunch.

    Then there was the time that a February delivery of a package never arrived and after the snow melted in the spring it was found leaning against a gate on the backside of the property (it still abuts a road but the mailing address is the complete other side of the property).

    Haven’t shipped anything by FedEx myself in over a decade.

    • crispyduck13 says:

      Finding a package months later after the spring thaw? That is some epic delivery guy fuckery right there!

    • Happy Dad says:

      I’ve always had that fear of backing over a package. I always check before backing if we’re expecting a delivery.

  15. colpuck says:

    OP is a member of the 1%, YAWN.

  16. crispyduck13 says:

    You know, this week alone I’ve had 2 online purchases delivered USPS (no other option available) and both times those assholes delivered it the day after their promised delivery day on their website via the tracking numbers. One of those deliveries was upgraded to 2 day shipping for an extra cost, but what the hell, yeah take 3 days to deliver it we don’t care! When I called the 800 number for an explanation, the rep kindly explains that the delivery date for the tracking number is “estimated” so I shouldn’t take it so literally. Yeah, what’s a day? Even when that day cost money. Just like this dickhead Fedex guy, who cares if the box says fragile, he shouldn’t take it so literally.

    After all the times USPS fucks up my deliveries, I now go out of my way to use UPS, Fedex for international stuff. Yet here is proof that they’ve all got their issues. Don’t know where to turn for competency anymore.

    • Lyn Torden says:

      In the last 10 years (but not counting the last 4 years) UPS has managed to lose or destroy every packaged addressed to me. The last 4 years is because I’ve made sure UPS was never used. Any vendor that only ships UPS will not be used.

  17. SilentAgenger says:

    “All he would have had to do was ring the bell…”

    That’s exactly what I said last week when my friendly neighborhood UPS driver silently left a next-day envelope containing important documents leaning against my garage door…the same garage door that’s completely exposed to the elements, which that day included a steady rain that had been in progress for the past 18 hours and forecast to continue thru the next day. I was home the whole time, and my front door (a mere 50 feet away) was nicely covered by my front porch. Luckily my spidey-sense tipped me off before the envelope was totally drenched, but it was still partially soaked and the documents were damp and warped as a result.

    I don’t know whose fault it is: Lazy drivers, or overbearing bosses that place them under unreasonably demanding circumstances, but I’m sick of this crap. It didn’t used to be this way, but it seems to be commonplace now and it’s unacceptable.

    • crispyduck13 says:

      I’m also thinking that it has to be related to unreasonable demands/schedules. There’s only so much a single human can do in one day, and all this crap makes it seem like the drivers don’t have the time to do the job properly with the amount of work they’re given. Or they’re paid so poorly these days that they just don’t give a shit. I really don’t know but I agree it has to change.

      • kobresia says:

        It’s probably a combination of all-of-the-above. Taking enough time to give a shit means that they’re probably going to be more tired at the end of the day, might not get their route finished, might not make as much money to put food on the table, and might even get written-up for not performing well. The job is about delivering the parcels quickly and efficiently, not providing white-glove service. As with a number of occupations, the sole performance metric is quantity, with quality hardly even being on the radar as long as there aren’t a raft of customer complaints flooding in.

        • crispyduck13 says:

          Making the effort to knock or ring the bell is not white glove service, though. I’m not even talking about this instance in the article, that happens all the time at my husband’s business. The Fedex guy never knocks on the damn door, or even opens it up (it’s unlocked), he’ll just slap a tag on the door and drive off even though someone is right inside. No matter how often hubs calls to complain nothing changes. I think there are a flood of customer complaints, but as long as people only have so many options these places are guaranteed to get business, so they’re mitigating their losses with the savings they reap from overworking their employees.

          • Clyde Barrow says:

            The problem is that, WE, the customer, are not being big enough assholes to these drivers and companies. We’re too nice, too much. It’s our money. And I don’t give a damn about a driver’s workload, scheduling, or any issues. NOT MY PROBLEM!

            If I saw a driver merely put a sticky note on my front door all the while I was home, I’d complain. I did this to my local township offices. I was home one afternoon this past summer and the water deparment came by. I was in my tv room with the front and back doors open with the storm doors locked. No doorbell or knock but a note. Yep,,I made myself known to this guy and his boss.

        • little stripes says:

          “not providing white-glove service.”

          Uuuh, no one is requesting white-glove service. Knocking on a door or ringing a bell to see if someone is home, or placing the package in a place that isn’t open to the elements, if possible, or having the receiver pick up the package at the facility if that’s not possible … should not be white-glove service. In fact, that’s part of their job description.

          The fact that people are now considering what should be a normal part of their job “white-glove service” is part of the problem.

  18. Sarahlara says:

    I live in a condo and often hear the sound of one of the carriers throwing a package at our door from the elevator instead of walking over. Saves them about 10 steps and makes quite a racket, not to mention some dents in the metal door. I can’t put a camera in the hallways (darn you, HOA!) but it would be kind of funny to see it. So far we’ve been lucky nothing has broken.

    (I’m also the one who commented in the previous article that I’ve seen the UPS man throw something onto a 2nd story balcony at one of the nearby townhouses, so perhaps our carriers just have more upper body strength than they do penchants for walking.)

  19. kobresia says:

    Okay, I’m guessing the OP would also be bitching if the delivery guy just left a notice and/or took the package back to the hub with a delivery exception.

    Parcel couriers, especially the contractors like FedEx Ground uses, aren’t paid to sit around waiting for Privileged Rich Guy Who Lives Behind a Gate to climb out of the pool or hang up the phone from his Very Important Phone Call or whatever else may be more important than rushing out to take the parcel. Not saying that describes the OP, just pointing out that there can be substantial additional delays involved with time-wasting devices like security gates (and the people who have to operate them), having to get in and out of the truck repeatedly (if the call box can’t be operated from the driver’s seat of a truck), or having to walk a bit for one delivery.

    The moral of the story is: Don’t put obstacles between the street and the parcel carriers. Period. The driver exercised poor judgement (a DVD player probably would’ve survived the toss, a monitor, not so much), but being stuck waiting at the gate for several minutes in the event of the resident dawdling is not factored into the day’s deliveries.

    • slyabney says:

      Yeah I really hate being safe and secure in my own home. I really need to make things easier for another burglar to break in my place by removing what safety barries I have simply because someone else couldn’t be bothered to ring my door bell….or gate buzzer…next thing you know, all deliveries will be made to an unattended box on my curb because it was simply to hard to find the door.

      Oh wait…lots of people have had stuff put into a garbage can that has then been collected and tossed before one could find and retrive the item? How sad for them.

      • kobresia says:

        Yeah, so if getting deliveries to the door is so important, maybe folks should wait outside behind the locked gate. Otherwise, if security is so very important, they can always go down to the customer pickup desk in the evening and pick the parcels up there. There is really no way the driver was going to win this one, the customer was probably going to be pissed, regardless.

        I fortunately didn’t have to deal with the sort of thing I was babbling about in my original comment all that often, but when I was a computer field tech, there were some people who would behave as if their time and convenience was all that mattered, and it was okay to make a service provider wait. That’s likely why drivers don’t ring bells, because once you let someone know you’re there and they tell you to wait, they’re going to be super-screamy-bitchy if you leave because they’re dawdling. Moreover, it’s going to be all your fault whether they’re mad because you left or you take heat from the other customers because you are running so late you can’t finish your work that day.

        Just saying. Too many people seem to think the world revolves around them, especially the way customers have been told it’s all about them and they’re always right. It doesn’t and they’re not.

        As I said, the delivery guy used poor judgement, he should’ve just left a note or updated the tracking info with an exception if he didn’t have time to dick around waiting for a homeowner behind a gate, but screamy guy would’ve still been screamy, just without a funny package-mistreatment video. The courier who put a parcel in a stupid and regrettable place like a trash can was also wrong.

        My point remains: choose security, choose your own convenience, but don’t think for a second that your security and convenience are both so important that they come before some working guy just getting his job done. It’s like one of those “three options, pick two” things, you can have high security for your residence, you can have personal convenience, or you can receive your parcels in intact condition. Most people don’t get all three, unless they have a manservant.

        • little stripes says:

          Oooor, the FedEx guy could have knocked or rung the bell. SIMPLE.

          I can’t believe people are finding ways to blame the OP here. Ridiculous. And people wonder why FedEx and UPS get away with this crap?!

          • kobresia says:

            I know I ramble on a bit, but I totally did not blame the OP for the courier’s regrettable decision.

            I simply pointed out the reason couriers drop & dash, rather than ringing bells so they can wait for people to put on pants or set down the cat & answer the gate or door.

            Best solution for this situation? One of those unsafe inflatable pool slides, right behind the fence, for packages to slide to relative safety on the lawn.

        • Crymansqua says:

          I bet you have a spectacularly shitty work ethic.

          • kobresia says:

            I bet you’re unemployed or otherwise don’t have anything useful to do with your time.

            • Crymansqua says:

              “anything useful to do with your time,” says the dude leaving wall-of-text comments on Consumerist posts.

              Blaming the OP for this is stupid (and yes, you did blame him, however much you want to deny it now). I’ve faced much tougher obstacles than a closed gate while at work, and choosing the “Eff it, that bush over there looks like a soft landing spot” route screams incompetent and lazy.

    • crispyduck13 says:

      From the description of the video (which I can’t watch) the delivery guy does not even attempt to ring the bell. You simply cannot stand up for this asshole and blame the homeowner for having a security gate. Well, I guess you can, but you’re putting yourself on a different planet than most reasonable people.

      If you really can’t find it in yourself to blame the chucker, blame his boss for giving him (apparently) too much work to do properly in one day.

      • kobresia says:

        Seems most of my drivers don’t either, even if they leave the package. Drop, knock, and dash used to be how they did it, now it’s just drop & dash. But at least the FedEx and UPS drivers put stuff on my porch.

        The USPS person won’t even attempt to deliver a package that requires a signature, not even so much as a honk…just the card in the mailbox. They never get out of their trucks, if something doesn’t require a signature and won’t fit in the mailbox, they just wrap it in a bag and chuck it out their window in the vicinity of my property.

        • crispyduck13 says:

          Wow you get a bag? I’ve got a worse USPS guy than I thought.

        • rooben says:

          my USPS lady regularly gets out of her truck to bring packages to the door, or if someone is blocking our mailbox.

          Both USPS and UPS in our area rock. Never had a problem, and they frequently go beyond.

          Of course, $20 in a christmas card goes a long way.

  20. nearprairie says:

    FedEx: When it absolutely, positively, has to be destroyed en route.

    • Buckus says:

      It wasn’t even en route! It was at the destination (splitting hairs…it’s technically ‘en route’ if the delivery person still has it). It survived relatively unmolested until that guy, who must be trying out for the Olympic shot-put team or something, “delivered” the package.

  21. anime_runs_my_life says:

    How long before FedEx gets in touch with Consumerist to get in touch with the customer to fix the problem, as well as say that they’re “taking the matter seriously?”

  22. Yacko says:

    They have to practice for the yearly box chucking championships.

  23. ehchan says:

    Ha! So much for what I said before in FedEx Ground balcony delivery stunt…. This asshole is an Express employee… fully paid with benefits. :P

  24. mikshan says:

    I can’t believe I’m reading comments defending the delivery driver. Really? These guys get paid to deliver packages intact to the recipients. Is it that hard to go up to the door, gate or no, and knock? C’mon, there is no excuse for a delivery driver to ever toss a package. This guy should be fired.

  25. MECmouse says:

    It’s interesting in a world where our postage is going through the roof and The Post Office is talking about filing bankruptcy (mostly due to their now competition) that these companies (UPS is the devil at our house–won’t use them-they ring and run leaving your package on the front stoop) are not trying harder to keep everyone’s business.

    I think this goes to the deeper issue of CEO greed. Those at the top don’t really care as long as they can grab money for as long as they can or the golden parachute is not far away.

    Unfortunately, those of us that are downsizing and trying to acquire less aren’t the majority. It’s definitely interesting out there!

  26. Worstdaysinceyesterday says:

    That is an awesome set of tree roots!

  27. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    Goobie55 is such an awesome YouTube name :D

  28. humphrmi says:

    Man, when I was a kid, I delivered Pizzas for Domino’s, and back then we used to get bonuses for volume. All thos years, with lower bonuses, because I never adopted the practice of simply throwing the pizza into the front yard and driving off. Geez louise, where was Fed Ex when I needed them?

  29. Buckus says:

    “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

    “Yeah: Aim for the bushes!”


  30. jpdanzig says:

    Of the three major methods of package delivery — UPS, USPS, and Fed Ex — I have always had more problems with Fed Ex, notably beaten-up packages and surly drivers. I suspect the problem at the company is systemic, and some higher-ups need to review their methodology and their personnel…

  31. elc32955 says:

    Package delivery services, at one time or another, all have quality issues. I stopped using UPS after I witnessed a nasty scene at a local terminal last year. I had to go middle evening to pick up a package that had been a missed delivery at my house. While I was waiting, I witnessed UPS employees loading a fairly large-sized truck with packages, many of them smaller. One of the loaders actually had the audacity to install a suction-cup basketball hoop in the front end of the truck. The employees were taking turns shooting the smaller packages through the hoop. No wonder UPS wants everything packaged to withstand a nuclear strike! And my secretary wonders why I insist on any other shipping method alternative to UPS.

    Never again, UPS!!

  32. Jim M says:

    Video made inside edition tonight.

  33. Nunov Yerbizness says:

    Everyone’s taking the gate as some symbol of privilege or a reasonable deterrent to the delivery lackey. Look at this guy’s iron gate! He is Montgomery Burns, this is the corner of Croesus and Mammon streets, and therefore, he deserves to have his expensive electronic merchandise pitched into his yard!

    It’s entirely possible that the gate is unlocked, that it does not fully enclose the yard or house, or that there’s an easily-accessible pedestrian latch so that cars can’t get in but people can walk in. Observe that at no time does FedEx Lackey attempt to open the gate or gain entry, even though it’s probably the hundredth gate he’s encountered just that day alone. Regardless of whether the gate closes off access to the home’s door, there’s no excuse for the delivery lackey to pitch the monitor over the fence.

  34. Razor512 says:

    If I ran a shipping company and I caught a worker doing something like that, especially if the worker had knowledge of whats in the box (eg the monitor) I would fire them immediately as well as hold them liable for the cost of the item. I don’t care if the item was $150 or $20.

    If they are willing to do that on camera, then they are willing to do worst off camera.

    Remember only government agencies. llc’s are able to not worry about customer service because they are funded through force (you have no choice but to pay the taxes)

    For a private business, people have the option to take their business elsewhere and not firing workers like that will cause the business to loose money.

    In this job market, it is common to have thousands of applicants for a single job opening. If a worker is caught purposefully damaging a package, then fire them, you can have another worker on the job within a few hours.

  35. 0t says:

    I can’t help but think that around the holidays Fedex et. al. are under a lot of pressure to make all of their deliveries. That doesn’t justify this action, but it does make wonder if the problem lies more with the corporate culture than just this one guy. Of course he’ll be fired, but will anybody look into the actions of his supervisor and higher to see if they were putting unreasonable demands on their employees?

  36. MajorGroove says:

    Ha, I’ve had this happen! It was about 6 years ago, and I came home from work to find a note on my front door from Fed-Ex that stated my package was on “the back porch.”

    I didn’t have a back porch. I had a small balcony attached to my 2nd-floor, one-bedroom flat. I thought, “no way. No way did this guy do it.”

    Oh yes, he had. He’d walked allll the way around the L-shaped block of apartment units, guessed (fortunately correctly) which balcony was mine, and chucked it onto my balcony from the lawn below. One corner of the box was completely mashed in, leaving an odd 5-sided shape to the box. The box was, of course, labeled “fragile,” though mercifully the shipper must have anticipated such shenanigans, and the contents were intact.

    Thankfully, our current fed-ex, UPS, and USPS folk have some modicum of common sense; with the exception of the time the mailman crammed a box into our mailbox that it took us 10 minutes and pliers to extract.

  37. hmarsh says:

    FedEx, UPS all of them have problems. For UPS my house did not exist in their system, but i did have a second package sent here on the same day. Go figure that one out. for FedEx I order ammo from a site, and that means you must sign for it because of what it is. They just left it sitting by the door. Please note that if I did not find it they would have had changes pressed because a person must sign for ammo. So says the gov. So using the it is holiday season is not a good enough reason. Mr. FedEx guy you are a dirt bag, here is your last check you are fired. Have a nice day.

  38. damicatz says:

    Some people have no idea how hard the delivery drivers are worked during the holiday season. These people have been working ~12 hour work days* for the past several weeks. If he stopped to wait for an answer to every gate/door then he would never make his deliveries on time.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the company for trying to save money by not hiring enough people to handle the load.

    * – I know this because I’m well acquainted with my local FedEx drivers (The same drivers deliver to both my home and to my place of work).

  39. kittiefuk says:

    FEDex once left my brothers brand new $2000 iMac computer on our back porch. In the middle of the winter!!! It wasn’t wrapped in a non-descript packaging either. You could see exactly what it was, sitting on the back porch. We contact multiple supervisors and managers at FEDex and they did nothing. This was years ago. If it happened now, I would be contact media outlets, etc. People need to get fired over stuff like that.

  40. Sad Sam says:

    What kind of tree is that, with the roots growing all kinds of crazy?

  41. clickable says:

    Well, it’s a meme now. Letterman just made it the subject of tonight’s Top Ten.

  42. clickable says:

    Well, it’s a meme now. Letterman just did a bit with The Fedex Guy’s Top Ten Excuses for Hurling a Monitor Over a Fence.

  43. abruke says:

    And yet nary a comment from FedEx corporate. Hello? Mr. Smith? Mr. Glen? The public awaits your corporate double-speak…

  44. Happy Dad says:

    This reminds me of a fedex story I can have to tell. About 7 years ago I ordered an out of print laserdisc from ken cranes. According to tracking info this disc had been delivered to my home when in fact it had not been. The only problem was that this was the that this was the last copy cranes had.
    I called fedex and talked to a super and explained what happened. He checked with the driver and he swore it had been delivered.
    About 11pm that same day a pickup truck pulled ip my driveway and someone ran up under my carport and left.
    Yep it was the missing laserdisc and the driver CYA’ing.

    I figure he had lost it and found it. I doubt he tried to keep it since at that time laserdiscs were out and dad’s were in.