Consumerist Post About Broken Laptop Gets Reader Full Refund Within 3 Hours

Once again, Costco saves the day. Last week, we posted the story of Tom, who bought a Sony Vaio laptop from Costco only to have it malfunction a little more than a year after purchase. Sony didn’t seem to want to fix the problem at all, and Costco employees were very kind but couldn’t intervene. Only a few hours after that post went up, Costco contacted Tom, and gave him a full refund for the computer’s purchase price.

I just wanted to follow up about the Costco/Sony Vaio situation I emailed you about a few days ago. Long story short, score another one for Consumerist.

Your story went live at 9:33am and by noon Costco had contacted to let me know that they would be giving me a full refund for my computer. I was quite frankly stunned. I was not looking for, nor had I asked for, a full refund. I was merely wanting a computer that functioned. I was even willing to accept a refurbished model. But a full cash refund on a computer that I purchased over 17 months ago was certainly more than I expected or would have ever dared to ask for.

However, it was because of this extremely favorable solution that I chose to purchase my replacement laptop from Costco. While it took some nudging they did do the right thing (more than the right thing actually) so I fell that fair is fair and I should buy my next laptop from them as well. Thanks so much for your help in this matter. It’s great to have a site such as yours that can focus attention on problems such as this. You help level the playing field greatly.

You’re welcome, Tom! Glad we could help. And look how he was so delighted that he turned around and spent that money at Costco again. Presumably not on another Vaio.

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