Things Kids Can Teach You About Money

Parenthood makes you take on more responsibilities in all facets of your life, and one of the most crucial of those areas is money. But even financial know-it-alls always have more to learn, and may find unlikely teachers in those who have no clue about finances.

A blogger at My Care One shares the lessons her kids have taught her about money:

* Abundance can make you mean. Giving your kids everything they want — and they’ll want everything — does nothing to build their character and turns them into spoiled brats. Ever notice how getting what you want doesn’t necessarily pacify you?

* More objects do not equal more fun. Glittery new stuff to buy seems enticing, but what about your old toys? Replacing the new with old just for the sake of replacing them is a zero-sum game.

* Ignorance can be bliss. Kids don’t overthink money, but they do know it gets them what they want. While it’s good to be informed about your finances, it does little good to obsess over them to the point that you can’t enjoy what you’ve got.

Lessons my Kids have Taught Me about Money [My Care One]

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