3 Ways To Recoup Money Wasted On Trips Gone Bad

When you’re on vacation, high expectations crushed by mishaps can transform you into a steaming ball of rage. It’s easy to lash out at those you feel who have done you wrong, but it’s smarter to take a step back and use tact and strategy to get problems fixed.

Main Street offers tips about how to get refunds after travel mishaps:

* Take care of business while you’re still there. If you’re unhappy with something with your hotel, talk it out with a manager before you check out and you’ve signed off on your payment. Businesses are far more keen to negotiate when money is still on the table.

* Leave context out of it. When complaining, resist the urge to include unnecessary context. Be brief and to the point and leave it to the other guy to request more information if needed.

Be respectful. Rudeness won’t get you anywhere. Treat a manager as though he’s on your side, looking to help you find a way to leave you satisfied with the problem. Getting personal and confrontational can only work against you.

7 Tips for Getting Compensated After a Travel Problem [Main Street]

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