Angry Birds To Go From Game To Real Playground For Kids

While the idea of a real-life Angry Birds playground conjures up images of giant slingshots flinging kids through the air, the developers behind computer game Angry Birds are going for it over in Finland. Rovio announced that two Finnish towns will get playgrounds with Angry Birds-inspired equipment.

Angry Birds reached 500 million downloads recently, less than two years after it launched, says Reuters. Its makers are not only expanding into playgrounds, they’ve been wooing customers with a movie based on the game, as well as toys and baby products.

Finnish equipment-makers Lappset will bring the game to life with activity equipment like animal spring riders, swings, sandpits and climbing towers with slides, and ready-made playgrounds.

“The playgrounds fit perfectly into the Angry Birds world and our way of thinking,” Rovio marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka said in a statement.

As long as children won’t go flying through the air to knock down smugly grinning pigs, this could actually work out.

“Angry Birds” developer aims slingshot at playground [Reuters]


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  1. Rainicorn with baby bats says:

    They are milking this so hard, they should make butter and send it to Norway….

  2. Wonderweasel says:

    Never underestimate the practical real-world applications of a little game you play on your phone while taking a dump

  3. Quirk Sugarplum says:

    This will only escalate tensions with the now rumored nuclear-capapble Hello Kitty.

    She’s adorable, she’s territorial, and to stay on top she’ll get deplorable.

  4. thomwithanh says:

    But i love those grinning green piggies

  5. Velifer says:

    I bet the Crush the Castle developers are pissed. Stupid birds = $$$$$. Vikings = obscurity.

  6. darcmosch says:

    They did the same thing with plants vs zombies here in china, obviously the chinese version, but still

  7. Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

    Did I not read somewhere how Rovio turned down a $2.5B takeover bid from Zynga not too long ago??? I’m guessing they see a lot more green than we see in those pigs… %]