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  1. Ratty says:

    A few years ago, to be wooed, I was given a gift of very fancy chocolates. They were amazing. Imagine a nice batch of handcrafted chocolate, 8 bars and some delicious truffles. Almost $100 in amazing goodness.

    I want this again. :( It contained bacon chocolate. I really loved that. and the salted goji berry chocolate.

    Other than that, same old. This time next week I’ll be in a neurologist appointment. I hope there will finally be some progress. I also hope (some of) my family can chill out and treat me a little more decently. They make me want to rage sometimes. I will not be coming home for Christmas.

    • Me - now with more humidity says:

      Is there anything bacon can’t do?

      • DJ Charlie says:

        Can’t make me better. :P

        Seriously, my cardiologist said “Cut out ALL pork, especially bacon.”
        I thought “what harm can ONE little piece do?”
        2 hours later, I’m in the ER having another EKG. And my cardiologist is standing there saying “You ate bacon, didn’t you.”

        I miss bacon. :(

        • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

          Damn, Charlie, on top of everything else, no bacon?!? There’s no actual bacon in Bacon Salt. If you put it on a hard-boiled egg, it actually tastes a lot like bacon and eggs.

          • Ratty says:

            As long as there’s a little fat in whatever you add it to, bacon salt does indeed taste fairly similar to bacon. It is amazing on eggs, baked potato, popcorn… mmm.

          • DJ Charlie says:

            No can do, sadly. Salt is out too. As well as red meat.

            Basically, there’s a thing called an “ejection fraction rating” for everyone, telling how much blood your heart pumps with each beat.

            A healthy person averages 35%. An Olympic athlete averages 60%. I was averaging 7% when they did my surgery, and as of a few days ago, I’m up to 13%. So no bacon, salt, red meat, etc for a while. :(

            • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

              Sorry to hear it…I should probably stop while I’m behind, but I don’t want to just make sympathetic noises, I want to be able to do something in some tiny way, so…what about Lite Baconnaise? I’ve heard other people rave about it, although I’ve never had it myself.

              OK, I’ll shut up now.

            • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

              oh, that’s horrifying. tasty food is what makes so much of the world pleasant most of the time.
              but it sounds like a slight improvement overall in your health

            • HogwartsProfessor says:


              I hope you had SOMETHING you could eat at Turkey Day.

        • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

          Bacon isn’t going to kill you, and your cardiologist is an idiot for saying so – it’s the nitrates and nitrites and serious sodium that might cause issues.

          You can find all natural nitrate free bacon at your local farmers market or online if its winter where you are.

          Best of luck.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

      I make bacon cheesecake brownies that everyone says is totes awe.

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      My family was threatening to visit for Thanksgiving, but backed out again, thankfully. I also will not be seeing them for Xmas; this will be the fourth year running, if my math is right.

      I enjoy the holidays a lot more now that it’s just me and people I like.

      • Ratty says:

        I’ll be seeing some of my family this year, and my boyfriend’s family, and I will catch endless flak over not seeing part of the family. It would mean a lot to them, so i’m told, but they can’t even return calls or treat me in a civil manner.

      • Fineous K. Douchenstein says:

        Some of us get together at one of my aunt’s houses on Christmas day, and she cooks brunch for all. Then her grandchildren open gifts and such. There’s too much noise and too many kids there, so we’re talking about not going this year. It would be totally peaceful to do something smaller sans all those brats.

  2. Me - now with more humidity says:

    I think that dog was my boss at a corporate job.

  3. smarmyjones goes cattywampus says:

    So happy it’s Friday. It’s been a very long week for me.

    On another note, I totally want these for Christmas/my Birthday:

    Cold office is cold. :(

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      I love ThinkGeek. My honey got the Firefly shirt for Christmas last year. :) Those are so cute!

    • cash_da_pibble says:

      I want the COG tags. I told my BF, hey over at thinkgeek they have COG tags for only $8.99!
      and he kind of laughed at me. :(

  4. El_Fez says:

    Oh my god – I have nothing to report this week because I’ve been pulling 10.5+ hours a day at work. I am SO ready for the weekend!

  5. The Upright Man says:

    In gamer news, I’ve gotten into the Diablo 3 beta.

    As if 2012 wasn’t already crowded when it comes to what I want to play.

    I swear Blizzard is like a digital heroine dealer. :(

    • El_Fez says:

      Know the feeling – I’m looking forward to Knights of the Old Republic so bad I can taste it. And they just moved up the date that the game goes live, too! Sweet!

      • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

        Yeah, my guild is foaming at the mouth about it. I am pre-loaded and ready to go… and i took off the last two weeks of December to boot. :D

    • Fineous K. Douchenstein says:

      Did you get an invite through the Facebook thing? Or get into the beta by some other means?

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      i lost most of 1996 to the original diablo

  6. Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

    I believe that after work I’m gonna hit up this place: with my coworker. Reviews are good and BBQ is delicious IN MY FACE.

    I am counting down the days till I get to go home for Christmas, I miss hugs, my hug box won’t cut it. It was nice to be able to get hugs from someone whenever I wanted one. Generally speaking this has been a pretty good week, I just wish I had my red pants. I wanted to rock them this Friday.

    Also: donating to a charity on behalf of a person. Do you do it even if you may not 100% agree with the charity? Example: brother loves Red Cross, you do not, still he wants a donation to Red Cross instead of a gift. Do you give anyway?

    • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

      I realize that my question could inspire asshattery, and generally that’s not how I roll, so I am kind of regretting putting it on there. =/

    • mauispiderweb says:

      Damn, that looks SO good!

      • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

        It better be freaking delicious. Though after enough beer almost everything is freaking delicious.

    • DJ Charlie says:

      I would. After all, it’s for your brother, not you.

      • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

        That’s what I’m thinking. If my brother wanted a CD from a shitty band, I’d suck it up and give it to him. This is the same.

    • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

      First off, +1 for barbeque! NOM!

      My opinion about the donation: if it’s something you find really reprehensible, like NAMBLA or the GOP, then you can just give them cash or a gift card and let them make the donation if they want. If you just don’t like the organization very much, but you admit they sometimes maybe do some good, I’d say suck it up and give them what they want. You could always ask for a donation or make one independently to an organization that you think does a better job or makes up for the other one’s incompetence (although I don’t know how that would work regarding the Red Cross).

      • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:


        I can admit that this group does good, I think I would have flat out refused if it didn’t, I was just wondering how other people viewed this situation. I had to rationalize to myself last night that it was for someone else, not myself, and that this group does do good.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Every nonprofit has features I don’t like or really support, but in general, if the nonprofit is beneficial to a lot of people and is not poorly run, I don’t mind donating to it if a person wanted that instead of a gift.

      • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

        There you go, being all rational and making sense =)

        You bring up a good point about most organizations having something that someone wouldn’t agree with. That just comes with the territory I’m thinking.

        • Jane_Gage says:

          Make up a donation certificate in photoshop and blow the money you would have wasted on yourself. Or you could editorialize when you give so maybe in the future they will choose more wisely. “Here’s your donation. Since the red cross sells blood and the CEO makes over a quarter of a million annually I can’t really approve of your decision, but this was your poor choice to make, and more about you than me. Merry Christmas.”

          • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

            LOVE IT. Love it and your use of “blood sewer” yesterday, just so you know.

        • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

          Well, the Red Cross is often closely watched due to its popularity. While there are are organizations I personally like better, if someone wants Red Cross donations as a gift, I would be OK with that. But if they wanted me to support a known-to-be-awful organization… nnnnnno.

          “Oh, I know you said you wanted a donation to PETA in your name, but I had already bought you the sweater, and it was outside the 30-day return window. So sorry!”

          “Oops, I already got it engraved with your name on it!”

          “I know you wanted to send money to the Rapture-Faker, but well, here’s a bible I stole from a motel bedstand.”

          • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

            That sounds about right. Like Max said, if the group is legit and does some good then it’s easier to donate to them then some other horrible, fake organization.

            Damn if my mom was giving money to those fake dooms day people I’d smack her. As it is she just loves giving to needy third world orphans, and is a better person then me.

            • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

              i like to use heifer international. very few people can argue with “i gave some needy people bunnies/baby ducks/a calf in your name”

          • Coffee says:

            Raydee…you there?

    • You Can Call Me Al(isa) says:
      This is where I’m going for dinner tonight! I may even wear my new sexy shoes I bought off Amazon for the occasion!

    • Not Given says:

      I think there are now gift cards that you can give and the person then picks the charity it goes to. That way you aren’t giving directly to something you don’t want to contribute to.

  7. DJ Charlie says:

    Hi all. Still kicking. :) Christmas is gonna be WONDERFUL this year.

    Got the wife a new motherboard (her desktop system has been down nearly a month now), and the daughter an ORIGINAL Transformers G1 Soundwave (her favorite Decepticon), mint in box!

    Medically, I’m still so-so. But I feel pretty good.

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      Always glad to see you, Charlie. I noticed you’ve been a little more active recently! Yay for the holidays are keeping you up rather than squishing you down. :D

    • El_Fez says:

      Do you mean a new version of the original Soundwave like the Masterpiece Editions or do you mean a authentically vintage Soundwave, direct from 1984, was on the shelf next to the Atari 2600 Cartridges and Cabbage Patch Kids at Toys R Us?

      • DJ Charlie says:

        We’re talking vintage 1994 original! :) Wasn’t easy to find, and I probably paid WAY too much, but she’s been wanting one for a long time now.

    • RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:

      Glad to hear things are going as well for you as they can. Also, Soundwave was awesome. My favorite Transformers as a kid were Sideswipe, because he was a badass Lambo, and all of the little cassette guys that fit in Soundwave. It’s sad that they could never replicate that now. :(

    • Ratty says:

      I’m glad you’re at least so-so. I bet your daughter will love the gift! So thoughtful.

    • Hmmmmm needs more WarOtter says:

      Good to see you Charlie! I wanted to ask you about something…would you email me at

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      I’m glad you feel good! Enjoy your holiday! :) *hug*

  8. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    I received good news this week. The new overlords announced that our health insurance premiums are remaining the same for 2012! A huge blessing and gift all at the same time. As much as I wish I was digging ditches sometimes, I can’t help but feel so lucky. Plus, my vacation request for Dec 23 to Jan 2 was approved, so I’ll have time to get rid of stuff at the house and decompress a little.

    I’m still trying to find Chloe a home. If this goes on for too long, I’m taking her for shots and to be spayed, and may just keep her myself. She has such a friendly personality. Not too good about squirrels, though, as she slept through a squirrel invasion on the back porch last weekend.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Friday!!

    • nicless says:

      My premiums are going down by about $30 a paycheck next year. But I’m losing 2 vacation days. Wow, until I typed it out like that I was outraged about losing 2 days, but with my insurance rates dropping I guess it isn’t that bad. Maybe it’s the holidays, I’m all mushy around the holidays.

      • lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

        I know what you mean. As much as I feel like I’m working with the Walking Dead now, I am so thankful for even having a job, health insurance, and vacation time with paid holidays. I feel guilty about it sometimes, too.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      i think chloe likes you. you should keep her

  9. Hmmmmm needs more WarOtter says:

    About to get a ton of work done on my car…new tires, timing belt, tune-up. I noticed this morning while driving to work that there is now a crack in my windshield. FML :/

    Merry Christmas to my car!

    • The Upright Man says:

      Oof, I’ve been there.

      Insurance covers the windshield, right?

      • Hmmmmm needs more WarOtter says:

        I think I checked on that one time before and it ended up being cheaper for me to replace it than do a claim with the insurance company and risk an increase in my rates.

        I do wish insurance covered everything else though. And your pets’ healthcare.

    • DJ Charlie says:

      Ouch. Been there. Good thing about living here in Kentucky, ALL glass is covered by insurance for FREE. No premium increase.

      I need to get the exhaust manifold and the clockspring replaced on the Lady (1994 E-250 van, former ambulance). I can get the parts for less than $100, but the labor costs are nearly $1000!

      • Hmmmmm needs more WarOtter says:

        Labor is ridiculous! I just happened to ask a guy I work with if he recommended a good shop to go to. Well, so happens his brother does car repair and has offered to do the work on mine for cost of the parts + just a little labor money. I love people sometimes!

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        i miss that [glass] from florida. never had a cracked windshield there, road hazard cracked within a month of moving out of state. previous car though. crossing my fingers that my SUV makes it through the winter intact

    • RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:

      Yeah, I’ve got a timing belt issue that would normally be covered under the power train, but because I didn’t change my oil back in April, they’re not covering it. Negligence. DX

      • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

        That’s a little bit much – the 3500 mile recommendation is bogus, especially if you drive frequently on the highway (versus constant stop and go) or if you have high quality full synthetic oil (Mobil 1) in your car already.

        Are they complaining that you didn’t change it at all or that you didn’t change it with THEM? Either way, that’s a REALLY weak claim they have. I would fight it tooth and nail.

        • RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:

          Eh, it’s been a while since my last oil change. I was unemployed, then when I got my new job, I just never got around to doing it. If this was a case of just one missed oil change, I’d be fighting, but I could have gotten three in the time since the last one. DX

      • Hmmmmm needs more WarOtter says:

        Shame on you for missing that oil change!!!

  10. Guppy06 says:

    Why the pic of Sarah Palin?

  11. Mimbla says:

    Five days until my vacation.

    That is all.

    • You Can Call Me Al(isa) says:

      Woohoo! What are you going to do? Going anywhere fun?

      • Mimbla says:

        No, I’m just staying home. (I *refuse* to use the other word.) Hanging out with family, playing lots of video games and such, watching some movies that have been on my list for a while. The fianc√© and I may also have a double-date planned with his friend from work and his friend’s wife. Apparently there’s some all-you-can-eat sushi place down here that’s reasonably priced, which we’d like to go check out.

        Mostly I’m taking this vacation just to get a break from working. I currently don’t have the funds to take a trip anywhere, but that’s okay. Someday!

        • You Can Call Me Al(isa) says:

          I’ll be doing the same thing during the week between Christmas and New Years. I’ll have 11 days off and I’ll be either sitting at home or spending sometime at my parents’ house an hour away.

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      After today, I’ll have five more (work) days … and we’re staying home playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. :D

      • Mimbla says:

        HAHA! That’s partly what I’m taking the time off for. :3 That and the fact that I simply deserve it after the month I’ve had at work. It’s been quite the circus.

  12. Dr. Ned - This underwear is Sofa King Comfortable! says:

    I’m definitely new here, but already feel like I’m home.

    I just got my new 5.11 Polarized Sunglasses, and they are awesome. They fit perfectly on my face and don’t slide at all like my old Serfas.



  13. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

    I am so Gadget-Damned pissed right now. I have a Zippo bandanna that Zippo sent me that I use as a handkerchief to blow my nose, etc… So today while at the flea market, I happened to drop it. Some 60-70 year old lady then comes up to me and tries to SELL IT TO ME. I had to pay $1 for my own property because she insisted that it had been in her attic for years, yet you could tell it was ironed and even had my dried bogeys on it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I told her it was mine, and she still insisted that it was not, and it was hers. I now have to sew or write my name in it to prevent this happening again, like I am in grade school.

    • Jane_Gage says:

      One thing I don’t understand about guys. If I blow my nose in something it’s hitting the trash two seconds later. :p

      • lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

        I hear you! My dad uses cloth handkerchiefs, and when I was little my mom taught me how to iron them. Even after they were washed and dried, they gave me the heebie jeebies.

      • Murph1908 says:

        Well, we don’t have bras to store them in until needed.

  14. Straspey says:

    A rant – followed by a rave.


    Yesterday I was exiting the subway, along with a group of other people, which required walking up two flights of stairs to the street. A few stairs ahead of me was a woman struggling with a young child and stroller – having obvious trouble getting up the stairs.

    Everybody was just rushing right by her without even asking if she needed help – while I was about half a stairway behind. I began to talk out loud, as if I was talking to somebody – “Look at that. I bet nobody is going to help that woman – I bet you nobody will offer to help her.”

    And nobody did. (Were you one of those people ? 68th St & Lexington?)

    So I elbowed my way past three people ahead of me and helped her by carrying the stroller up the stairs – for which she was very grateful – while she looked after her child.

    Call me naive – but I really just don’t get it when I see stuff like that – especially around this time of year.

    Okay – now for the rave:

    My wife had hip surgery in November, 2010 (not replacement) and has been seeing her surgeon for follow-up visits every 3-4 months. She had her latest appointment this week.

    The surgeon ran her through the usual battery of tests – “Does this hurt ? How about when you move your leg this way?” – etc.

    As she answered “No” to each question he became more surprised – positively so – and encouraged. Finally, at the end of the exam, the surgeon basically “fired” my wife as his patient. He told her she didn’t need to see him anymore, but that he would always be there if something else should arise.

    Unfortunately, she has osteoarthritis, so down the line there may be more work needed – but this is great news to receive around the holidays. And I’m VERY happy for her.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

      I’d be worried about another Odessa Steps scene if I helped with a stroller.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Congrats to you and your wife! Good health news is always a good gift.

      Onto your rant… from my experience in the DC metro system, some people will be very thankful for the help, some people will be mean. I’ve seen other people help struggling parents or older people, only to get an angry, swear-laden reaction.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Yay for your wife! That’s awesome news. :)

      Good for you, helping. I always ask first, unless the baby/package/ whatever is about to hit the floor. I’ve never had someone swear at me like pecan said. Who does that!

    • lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

      I saw a lady struggling with groceries one day. Her arm was in a cast up to her shoulder, and she was trying to get them from the cart and organized in her car. I asked her if I could help, she said no, but she was nice about it. And I felt good about asking. I can see people not wanting help these days, since you don’t know if you’re just being set up to be scammed or have your stuff stolen.

  15. snobum says:

    I miss Ben…

    • Coffee says:

      I know how you feel…if you want to see him being silly for 7 minutes, go here:

      He just posted it four hours ago.

    • theycallmeGinger says:

      Me too. I’m actually attempting to semi-boycott the site for this reason. (Of course, me being here is the “semi” part, right?) I visit maybe once a week and have clicked on one or two articles. I just feel like laying Ben off was not right. I know my absence makes a big difference, ha ha, but either way, I’m staying semi-strong.

  16. Jules Noctambule says:

    Had a great vacation in Miami, but I came home to a semi-dead computer. It’s almost 4 years old so rather than repair it I plan to have the data moved to a new model, but it’s been so long since I shopped for one that I have no idea where to start. Anyone have any (non-Apple) recommendations to share?

    • The Upright Man says:

      Both Dell and HP’s sites have pretty good filters to help narrow things down to a PC that’s right for you.

      Unless, of course, you’re comfortable doing your own tinkering. In which case I’d suggest building your own.

      I built my first computer about a month ago, and I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

      • Jules Noctambule says:

        I honestly wouldn’t trust myself to put together an EZ Bake oven, but I have some tech geek friends who are very fond of my cooking. I need one pretty soon though, as it’s proving a little hard to run my business via smartphone.

        • Rexy on a rampage says:

          I’d stay avoid Dell at all costs. They’ll give you an overpriced computer with crappy support. If you’re unsure about building, I’d find a local computer stop willing to work with you. They’d love your business.

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          oh, i almost forgot these people. i had to have my old laptop serviced there once. they are the only authorized toshiba service center for 80 miles. totally no frills but they were prompt, the repair was done right and i had no problems. it was warranty though so i don’t know how their prices are

    • Rexy on a rampage says:

      If you’re really techy, you can visit sites like Newegg and build a computer yourself.

      • Jules Noctambule says:

        If I were, I wouldn’t need advice! ;)

      • Not Given says:

        That’s what I’m doing next time, building. Except I’ll tell my son what I want it to do and he’ll help pick out the stuff I need to order then he’ll help me put it together. I’m thinking dual boot Win 7 and Fedora. I’m not sure on the Linux, is Ubuntu better or some other flavor?

    • Diabolos needs more socks says:

      If you work for a large-ish business, see if there are any employee purchase programs through your HR or IT departments.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      do not shop at warped computing on capital. they do poor work and sell rebuilds as new

      • Jules Noctambule says:

        Thanks for the warning! Local opinions are always extra-useful.

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          my old job got computers there. cheap sure, but they forgot the wireless card, the install of windows wasn’t legal and and the parts were obviously used.
          i personally don’t shop at tiger direct /compusa anymore because they asked me to leave my purse at the counter while i shop. i don’t like being assumed to be a criminal upon entry to a store. but they do have good deals.
          unfortunately, hard drives are extra $$ right now and that’s going to drive the cost of the machine. i suggest you sacrifice hard drive size now and wait until prices drop [after the floodwaters in thailand recede] to get your dream hard drive

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        *WARP computing*
        anyone? edit button?

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      oh, also if you and the critters want holiday pics we’ve got Santa Paws events this weekend and next.

  17. JennyCupcakes misses her grandson says:

    I’m almost down 50 lbs this year.


  18. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    i love that dog. i don’t even know that dog but i love any dog who will tolerate glasses

    my roku channel site has been active for about 16 adsense revenue is up over $5 which means i might get a $100 check sometime in the spring [since they pay out in $100 increments] if it keeps up at this rate.
    but actually the usage on the page just keeps climbing so it might be sooner

    Pageviews all time history

    i’m ok with that, since i don’t do it for the money. the money doesn’t hurt though. or, right now, the thought of the money.
    i know some consumerists have mentioned before that they are considering getting a roku so they can cut the cord [or consider cutting the cord] and this is a pretty good time to buy: the top of the line player with the gaming stuff and everything is on sale this weekend $10 off plus free shipping. i have this model and love it. i hate to say it’s gotten me a little addicted to angry birds.

    on another note, markdown overstock turkeys at rock bottom “this bird is defrosting fast!” prices were in remarkable short supply where i live. did anyone else notice a lack of after thanksgiving turkey sales?

    • lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

      About the turkeys…our local grocery store chain usually had a deal where if you spent $50 on groceries, you could buy the store brand frozen turkey at 29 cents a lb, or a lower price like that. This year, they were 59 cents a lb, with no incentive price if you spent over X dollars. I went to the store a few days after Thanksgiving, and the turkey freezer section was emptied of turkey and replaced with new stuff. I was really hoping to get another one for Christmas.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        i like to buy a half dozen when sams or bjs warehouse clubs gets them down to 19 cents a pound. i cook them all up, freeze the meet, make stock out of the bones and dog treats out of the bits i can’t stand.
        this year there were three sad small turkeys for $1.29 a pound
        i got a better deal on a boneless pork roast for $1.69 a pound because turkeys are usually around 30% inedible in my experience.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      i think i’m going to cry. this is my continuous glucose monitor. i’ve done everything i know how to save it but i think it’s finally and truly dead.
      back to sticking myself in the finger 30 times a day and waking up in the middle of the night a couple of times to check my glucose.
      bonus: the manufacturer will give me $2k to get it back since it’s officially off the market

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        Nooo! *hugs* I’m sorry, I wish I had some suggestion for you. :( That sucks.

      • Not Given says:

        Would a couple of middle of the night ER visits get your insurance to cough up one?
        I think that’s how my cousin’s daughter got her pump.

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          insurance can’t do anything. it stopped existing this summer. the manufacturer pulled it off the market because they screwed up the licensing rights in the US. i’d have to go to Israel or the UK to get a new one. and then since it can’t be xrayed i probably couldn’t bring it back

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      oh, almost forgot – i ordered coyote urine granules to try to repel the raccoon that keeps sneaking* into my house. they arrived yesterday. i put the packet out last night near the cat door.
      the raccoon used it as a chew toy last night. glad i didn’t buy the large package.
      *sneaking= climbing calmly through the cat door and staring at me to try to get me out of its way

      next step: hot sauce in a water gun

  19. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    I took my truck (1993 Ford Ranger) in for service on November 15 – it was time for a state inspection, and I needed the headlight switch replaced, plus I knew there was a gasoline smell coming from somewhere. They called to tell me it would take a few days to work what turned out to be a fuel line issue, and I said they could take their time as I was going out of town, and gave them my cell phone #. Then I went to Florida for the Southern Pinball Festival, expecting that when I got home my truck would be ready.

    Yeah, no.

    Ford stopped making replacement parts for my engine, so the service place was calling around trying to find somebody who could fabricate a replacement or otherwise resolve the issue. They were also not calling me, even though they had all the digits.

    I finally got my truck back yesterday. On the one hand, I was perturbed at the lack of communication from day to day (or week to week, even), but on the other hand, I certainly appreciated them doing the legwork on finding a way to fix the problem.

    But the best part is that when I walked up to the place yesterday, the manager told me he wasn’t charging me for the fuel line work, because I’d been so patient. Score!

    • Not Given says:

      We’ve gotten parts from the salvage yard, they’re even hooked into other salvage yards so they can ask if anyone else has the part you need. From engine to door lock.

  20. HogwartsProfessor says:


    It’s about time. >:( It has been a very disappointing and shitty week. EXCEPT…

    Intrada has released a special CD of Brad Fiedel’s background score to the original Fright Night movie and I got one! WOOOOO!!!! I have literally been waiting for that for YEARS. I bought what I thought was the score on vinyl after the movie came out in the 80s, but it was the songs. Now I have the score. You might know Brad Fiedel for his most famous score, The Terminator.

    In other news, sent out almost all my presents, except for Mom and Dad. They never tell me what they want so I make them mix CDs. Dad loves them. Mom said she wanted one of all the pretty music from The Lord of the Rings, so that’s what she’s getting. I have to finish them and then I can mail them. So I might actually be caught up early this year. :)

    Also, the bidness house across the street has a new tenant (a friend of the landlord’s) who has cleaned up the yard. Yay!

    • You Can Call Me Al(isa) says:

      I *love* the music from The Lord of the Rings!

      I don’t buy as many movie score CDs as I used to. There haven’t been any movies lately with music that has really stood out to me.

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        Me too; I think it’s one of the most brilliant scores in a long time. I’ve been downloading more stuff lately, but I’m still buying CDs. I’ll probably burn the downloads just in case my hard drives crash.

    • Not Given says:

      How about some BSG on the accordian?

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        LOL that does NOT sound the same on the accordion!

        Bear is awesome; we love him. I was listening to something BSG on my channel once and messaged him on facebook and said I liked it. He messaged me back: “Thanks!”